Why Using Google AdSense To Monetize Your Website Is A Bad Idea!

On This Page,You can easily know about Why Using Google AdSense To Monetize Your Website Is A Bad Idea!.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

Google AdSense is one among the oldest contextual and rich media advertising programs on the online . it’s also considered one among the simplest ways to earn revenue from your blog or website. However, if you run a private brand or small business website, is it such an honest idea to be using AdSense for monetization?

The short answer is not any , it isn’t an excellent idea, and I’ll share my reasons ‘why’ shortly.

bad idea

You’re probably unaware of this immediately . Still, if you’re using Google AdSense to monetize your personal brand site, to whatever extent, then you’re probably doing all of your business more harm than good.

I’ve done the Google AdSense thing for several years. In fact, I opened my Google AdSense account back in 2006, but I didn’t actually start using it until 2010.

Back within the day, almost every blogger that I found was using AdSense to monetize content.

Even to the present day, AdSense remains the only and therefore the laziest thanks to earn a couple of bucks from your blog or website.

Yes, that’s right… I’ll repeat it, a ‘few’ bucks because in most cases, that’s all most of the people earn from AdSense.

Let’s face it unless you’ve worked super-hard to possess built a well-liked blog during a lucrative niche with plenty of traffic monthly , you’re really only getting to earn cents from AdSense. Pardon the pun!

Why I loved using AdSense, back within the day

As I said, once I got started, i used to be using AdSense almost everywhere on my blog, and that i loved it.

Each week i might log into my AdSense account to ascertain the earnings increase ever slightly.

I wasn’t earning an excellent deal, mind you, around $70 to $100 per month. However, it had been free and straightforward money, right? All I had to try to to was create more content for my blog and whack on some AdSense ads!

But here’s the thing:

I was sightless and didn’t really know any better. I should have paid more attention to making other reliable and profitable income streams from my blog, instead of invest all my time in AdSense. Or use any sort of ad network almost like AdSense.

Many bloggers either use AdSense or do affiliate marketing to monetize their blogs. Some do both. i might argue wholeheartedly that affiliate marketing may be a way better monetization strategy.

Why adding AdSense to your business website may be a mistake!

Asides from the very fact that it isn’t very profitable? Let me explain something else.

If you’re trying to create a brand, a business together with your blog/website, then using AdSense isn’t such an excellent idea.

I stopped using AdSense once I realized that I wanted to create a true business from blogging.

If your website exists to assist you promote and grow your brand, your products, or services, using AdSense to monetize will more likely help to kill your conversion opportunities like nothing else.

Here are some belongings you might want to believe very carefully before using AdSense for your small business or personal brand website.

  • AdSense ads can make your website look “cheap, and this will dilute your brand value. this is often not good!
  • AdSense adds no additional value to your website or blog what so ever!
  • AdSense ads can seriously damage your conversion rates. Sending visitors faraway from your site that would potentially become new leads or maybe sales for your business.
  • AdSense can contribute to a high bounce rate on your site. people that click on an AdSense advert are actually removed from your site forever. this is often not an excellent conversion strategy.
  • Adding AdSense ads everywhere on your site makes for poor user experience, especially those intrusive ones that interrupt readers halfway down a blog post or page, pop-up ads, and so on.
  • AdSense scripts can sometimes increase your page load times. Again, not great for your users that need to await your ads to load in order that they can read your post.
  • AdSense is that the least profitable thanks to monetize your blog unless you’ve got plenty of traffic.

OK, so no AdSense, but what about displaying affiliate banner ads instead?

Banner ads are more or less an equivalent thing, in my opinion. They, too, take visitors faraway from your site. However, i might much like better to use affiliate ads rather than AdSense.


Because the profit of a possible affiliate sale is way greater than one click on an AdSense ad!

I would considerably like better to earn $50+ from someone making a sale via one among my affiliate banner ads, than i might have some stranger click on an AdSense ad and earn 20 measly cents.

Remember, lately , website visitors are much savvier than they ever wont to be. And, most of them are blind to blatant advertisements, regardless whether it’s an affiliate ad or Google AdSense block of ads.

What sites are great for using AdSense on then?

I’m not saying that AdSense is 100% bad. What I’m saying is that i do not think to display them on a private brand business website, where you’re trying to create a brand and promote your own products or services, may be a smart strategy.

However, if you actually want to use AdSense to get revenue from your site, first confirm you’ve got an honest amount of traffic. Micro-niche websites and blogs are great for AdSense. But definitely not eCommerce, personal brand blogs, or freelance websites.

Again, that’s just my opinion.

What do you have to do rather than using AdSense ads on your business website?

When it involves monetization, I like better to create my very own digital products to market and sell. like my blog planner workbook.

I also provide services through my blog because, as I said, I’m focused on building a business.

Also, i like to recommend quite few affiliate tools, apps, and services that I even have utilized in my business.

In the future, I decide to create online courses and publish a book. So that’s my monetization model.

For your personal brand website, you ought to be focused on growth. you ought to even be creating great content, building a community, creating your own digital products aligned together with your business or goal, and providing relevant services, if you would like to, of course.

Building your email list

The other thing you ought to be entirely focused on doing is building your email list.

Converting visitors into subscribers should be a top priority, in fact, because they’re those who are getting to be your customers later down the road , over and once again in many cases.

Those many visitors you lost, or could potentially lose, through a fast AdSense click? They’re never getting to come .

If you’re thinking of using AdSense on your personal brand blog or small business website, please, please, please think very carefully about it before you are doing.

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