Why Media.net is a Great Alternative to Google AdSense?

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

Summary: Media.net is the 2nd largest Contextual Ads platform in the world which exclusively powers the Yahoo! Bing Ad Marketplace of advertisers globally.

Contextual Ads are those which are relevant to the content of the website. For instance, if a website is about travel, only those ads will be served which are related to travel; in case of a food blog the ads served will be related to food.

This makes all the difference because contextually relevant ads tend to get higher clicks which leads to higher revenue for the publisher.

With Media.net, publishers get access to over $6 billion worth of advertisers’ search demand. This demand is available to publishers only through Media.net.

A portion of this can make its way to your blog earnings if you use their ads.

Here are the other major reasons why you should give Media.net a shot right away:

  • Contextually Relevant Ads
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Native Ads
  • Display to Search (D2S) Ad format
  • Mobile Responsive Ads
  • Works well with other Ad Networks

The best Reasons to choose Media.net publishing platform:

1. 2nd largest contextual ad network in the world

Media.net is the 2nd largest contextual advertising business globally, exclusively powering the Yahoo! Bing Contextual Ads Program which is one of the largest pool of advertisers in the world – opening up $6bn worth of search demand for publishers. This means no matter how broad or niche your content is, your inventory will always have substantial demand amongst multiple advertisers. Such a large marketplace of keyword-targeted advertisers also means a more competitive marketplace which in turn will translate to better revenues for you because only the most relevant and high-paying advertisers win the bid to display their ads on your blog/ website.

2. Pioneers of the D2S ad format

The display to search ad format is a sophisticated method of monetizing display placements by identifying user search intent and displaying relevant search keywords which lead to display of search ads bought by advertisers on a CPC model. The D2S ad format filters the user’s intent which results in better targeting of ads on your site and higher revenues because advertisers are likely to pay more for these valuable clicks on your ads where user intent is clear and qualified compared to CPM based ads where there is no way to find out whether the user engaged with the ad or looked right past it. This ad format leverages search demand from some of the largest ad platforms in the world for your website’s content – something that only Media.net makes available for its publishers, which all boils to down to better ad revenues for you.

3. Contextual Ads that make complete sense

By now you know that Media.net is top-notch with its technology. There’s intuitive and intelligent tech behind the targeting of their ads as well. Media.net’s algorithms constantly self-optimize based on their ability to analyze and learn the concepts of your content. Once they absorb what you’re writing about, they connect that content to relevant advertisements on each page. No more of those slimming pill ads on a beautiful food blog! Your ads will be contextual, i.e. related to your content and therefore, will add value to your writing instead of clashing with it. When you have ads that are related to your content, the chances of them being clicked on and you getting paid are also high.

4. Native ads that take the form and feel of your content

There’s nothing more detracting from user experience than ads that just do not fit into a page’s scheme of things. We are subjected to such ads every day and you’d know from your own experiences that they are ineffectual, dated and inorganic to your content. What Media.net offers to make your readers’ experiences as seamless and immersive as possible are native ads. Native ads are special in that their appearance and form are like your content. Because of their likeness to your content, they blend in and do not disrupt the experience of those consuming your content, keeping it consistent. Media.net ads adopt the flow of editorial content without any changes to your site layout. Here are a few examples.

5. Beautiful and diverse ad units that are aesthetically superior to most others

When you sign up with Media.net, you’ll be sent a single ad tag that can help you create ads of several sizes and types. Depending on your account performance, you could also get custom ad units made for you. All Media.net ad units are responsive, adapting without a hitch or extra effort on your part, to any screen size or device type. Not only are their ad units behaviorally sound, but also aesthetically superior. Look at a few examples and decide for yourself.

6. Every publisher gets a dedicated Account Manager

How many of you using other major ad networks have felt helpless at the lack of direction and guidance when you when you need it? We are sure there’s a large number that’s saying, “Me!”, to this. This is the gap that Media.net identified and filled rather democratically. At Media.net, it does not matter whether you are a small or a large-sized publisher. Each one of their customers get an Account Manager and this can be a huge help for all the newbies to monetization. Nowhere else will you have a Company dedicating so many of their human resources showing you the ropes of blogs monetization. These Account Managers make meaningful suggestions, which if you pay heed to, can greatly contribute to increasing your revenue. So, no groping in the dark as you do with other ad networks – no more dependence on answers found in obscure corners of user made forums. At Media.net if you hit a wall, you just shoot your Account Manager an email and he/she will do what she can to resolve your issue.

7. Complements AdSense and creates additional ad inventory

We know that a large percentage of publishers use AdSense to monetize their traffic. Wait, who doesn’t want more ad revenue, though? This is where Media.net can help even those of you who do not want to stop using AdSense. Media.net can easily and effectively be used with AdSense to earn incremental revenue. Media.net has many ad units in sizes that aren’t covered by the AdSense suite of ads. Using these ad units can create additional ad inventory and more opportunities for you to build on your current ad earnings. Here are a few examples of the ad unit sizes that are unique to Media.net.

8. Contextually Relevant Ads

If you are not making enough money from Ad networks such as AdSense, that’s probably because your ads are not relevant to the content you publish on your websites. If you observe top blogs that make money from these Ad networks , you will notice that their blogs have high quality content and highly contextually relevant ads as well. This is precisely where this network comes into picture.

Their ads are highly targeted and thus more contextually relevant as compared to other ad networks, thereby displaying the ads that your readers are more likely to click.

The chances of users clicking on ads which are relevant to the content they are consuming are much higher than them clicking on completely irrelevant ones. In my experience, I’ve seen that Media.net algorithms take about 2-4 weeks to fully optimise your ads based on the content you create. So, I would advise you to remain patient. Here’s an example of contextually relevant ads.

9. Dedicated Account Manager

Every publisher is assigned a dedicated account manager who constantly monitors your account, undertakes A/B testing with different ad spots, creates custom ad units on your request and proactively gives the best possible suggestions so as to drive higher revenue from the ads. The account manager can be reached very easily via mail. Their customer service can prove to be invaluable for both new and experienced bloggers.

10. Display to Search(D2S) ad format

Media.net invented the D2S ad format. These are basically search ads on display ad inventory. How does that matter? It does, a great deal. Because what D2S does is display search ads that are bought by advertisers on a CPC model. This filter the user’s intent which leads to better targeting of ads and also higher revenues because advertisers pay more for clicks on ads where the intent of the user is absolutely clear versus CPM ads where they have no idea whether the ads will be engaged with or not. What it all comes down to in the end is more clicks and hence higher revenues.

11. Mobile Responsive Ads

The number of people that use their mobiles to browse the internet is increasing day by day. According to a report published on Comscore, mobile now represents 65% off all digital media time. As per the comScore December’15 report – smartphone penetration between the age group of 18 to 35 was around 79% then, which means it is much higher now. If your website or your ads are not mobile responsive, you will end up losing a huge chunk of advertising revenue. Since, their ads are mobile responsive, these can help you earn incremental revenue through the mobile optimized ad units. You can start using mobile responsive ads by simply activating the mobile ads feature. With this feature you will also start earning from traffic that comes from your mobile.

12. Works well with other ad networks

Yes, you don’t need to remove all other ad networks to use Media.net as it works well with all ad networks. Why choose & reduce when you can diversify your earnings and make the most of your blog. So for all of you who are skeptical about disturbing your current ad set up, don’t sweat. Media.net complements almost every major revenue strategy. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to make the most you can.

Payment Methods: It offers two payment platforms namely :

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • The minimum payout threshold is $100. The payment is made on a net 30 basis i.e if you earn $500 in May’17 you’ll get paid in Jun’17.

Signing up with Media net: Signing up is absolutely free. They take a maximum of 2 business days to asses your website so you don’t have to wait for weeks to know the status of your application. Sign up here and get an incremental 10% over your usual earning for the first 3 months.

Final thoughts on Media.net

Keeping in mind all the aforementioned factors, Media net is indeed the best alternative to Google Adsense, its USP being incremental revenue and a dedicated account manager – who addresses all your concerns and queries promptly, which no other Ad Network provides – thereby eliminating the need to search for solutions online or posting on discussion forums without any guarantee that your issue will ever be clarified or resolved.

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