What Is The Difference Between Adnow vs AdSense?

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

What Is AdSense?

A program that allows bloggers and website owners to make money by displaying Google ads. it’s a program travel by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the location content and audience.

What Is Adnow?

AdNow provides widget-based native ads that publishers can use to monetize their sites. it’s an advertising network with over 160,000 publishers at the moment. it’s the network to figure with once you want high RPM rates especially for those wishing to monetize their sites through native ads.

How AdNow Works?

As a content recommendation network, AdNow provides related posts widgets that publishers can place on their site. The widgets display sponsored content that earns the publisher money when visitors click and view the related content.

The service has over time attracted many webmasters who are currently earning good money from the widgets. AdNow is basically a safe content driven platform to monetize your website. The network’s moderators manually check each content before it’s released to publishers to ensure it’s clean, safe, and relevant. They even provide JS tags that don’t conflict with other ad serving networks, making it quite safe to use AdNow together with Adsense and other networks.

The network has several advantages for publishers including weekly payments, easy customization of widgets, prompt multilingual network , and many more.

Publishers with good sites get approved instantly. However, as a publisher, you’ve got to post at least one informative article a day where AdNow can place their ads.

AdNow may be a excellent spot for publishers who may have did not get approved by other similar networks like Taboola, OutBrain, and RevContent.

It provides a unique way of monetizing website traffic through relevant and interesting user content that visitors are highly likely to click and consider . If you’ve got good traffic for your website, then this is often one among the best networks you’ll use to earn an honest profit from your website.

Adnow vs AdSense- CPM Rates, Earnings and Payment Proof

About: Adnow vs AdSense

AdSense is world’s no. 1 contextual network powering quite 5 million websites with an almost 100% fill rate for global traffic. While Adnow is one of the fastest growing native ad networks with over 150,000 publishers during a span of less than 2 year. This comparative study talks about the approval process, traffic minimum etc, to get through these two networks.

Traffic Requirements: Adnow vs AdSense

In order to be approved by AdSense, you’re required to possess a website which may be a few months old (6 months for Asian publishers) and variety of insightful articles. Also, there’s must be a proper disclaimer and privacy policy in situ . With Adnow, even a replacement website are often approved with little content. For both the networks, there’s no mention of the traffic, but you’re expected to possess some search before applying for AdSense.

CPC Rates: About: Adnow vs AdSense

AdSense works sort of a charm for niche sites. you’ll get CPCs as high as $3. However, the case isn’t so for native ads. With Adsense, there’s smart pricing implementation at account level to determine the quality of the clicks, and thereby, websites which bring quality traffic are most likely to convert. AdSense CPC rates are high for finance and consultation niche. Native ads have an optimized CPC which varies between 1 cent to 10 cents counting on the traffic sources, niche and conversions.

Page RPM: Adnow vs AdSense

Generally, native ad networks pay around 1/3 to 1/4 of AdSense if you’re running two of their widget ads. However, native ads perform quite well for social publishers who drive traffic from Facebook. In fact, for social publishers, AdSense isn’t very lucrative, and thus they believe other sources for monetization. we’ve seen page RPM to be around $0.30 to $0.50 for native ads for general niche and international traffic.

Ad Types: Adnow vs AdSense

Currently, Adnow offers one ad type which is native ad widget containing a series of ad teasers. you’ll customize the design and feel of the widget, along side the amount of elements you would like to display. they’re responsive and works well on Mobile and desktop. AdSense has a number of ad formats like text ads, image rich ads, matched content ads, video ads etc.

Ad Quality: Adnow vs AdSense

The reason that i’m not running Adnow ads on my blog is due to the poor quality of their ads. Most and actually , all of their ads are product based and from health niche. there’s hardly any variety within the creatives and therefore the nature of the ads, and also it doesn’t increase user value.

Approval: Adnow vs AdSense

While AdSense are often very stringent within the approval process, requiring you to possess content that’s strictly in compliance with their policies and content niche that might align with their advertiser requirements; the case with Adnow isn’t so. They accept websites with a minimum daily traffic and don’t impose tons of restrictions. The approval process of both these ad networks typically takes 1-2 days of your time.

Dashboard: Adnow vs AdSense

AdSense constantly works on improving its dashboard to make sure that publishers keep an eye fixed on the crucial metrics. With a particularly detailed reporting, publishers are conscious of what sort of ads are working and across which screens, and more.

Payment Cycle: About: Adnow vs AdSense

Adnow makes bi-weekly payments once you reach the minimum threshold of $20. AdSense, on the opposite hand, makes NET 21 day payment once you reach a minimum of $100. Both the networks have tons of options for sending payment.

While AdSense may be a clear winner in terms of revenue, CPC rates, and myriad other factors, we much acknowledge that Adnow may be a sweet alternative for publishers who want to increase their overall ad revenue by putting native ads along with their content. For a number of niches, Adnow performs well too.

Editor’s AdNow Review for Publishers

AdNow may be a large network that has significantly grown in only two years. It currently boasts of over 150,000 webmasters using their platform and making significant amounts of profits from the ad network.

It is easier to monetize content with AdNow because an outsized percent of the sponsored content the network displays on your site has relevancy , safe, clean, and simply clicked or viewed by your visitors. you’ll believe the security of the content they publish on your site because the network has moderators who manually evaluate each bit of sponsored content before it’s made available to publishers.

The ad network also provides simple easy to use Javascript tags that don’t conflict with other ad servers like Adsense. you’ll use AdNow ads along side Adsense on your site without fear of getting banned. The network doesn’t serve adult or other offensive ads, which makes it even safer to use in your site with other ad networks.

The check in and approval process for an AdNow account is sort of easy and hassle-free. Unlike other networks providing similar services like Taboola and Outbrain, AdNow doesn’t invite a selected traffic requirement from publishers wishing to hitch their network. However, your website must have top quality content and be receiving some traffic before you’ll be approved. Every applicant’s site is manually reviewed before approval.

All you would like to try to to to check in is fill a brief form and submit. You’ll get an email verification request after which you’ll log in to your account and submit your website for approval. The approval process also will require you to verify that you simply are the owner of the web site .

This is an easy process during which you’re given alittle file to upload to your website’s root directory. you’ll also use a HTML code pasted above the closing head tag for your site for verification.

Once your website is reviewed and approved, you’ll then place their widgets on your site and start seeing sponsored content on your site immediately. You’ll earn money when visitors click or view the sponsored content. Their approval process is sort of fast. On an honest day you’ll even get a response within 3 hours after submission.

One point to notice though is that AdNow doesn’t accept content that contains pornographic, defamatory and libelous connotations or content that incites violence or demean people supported their age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation. If you’re looking for how to monetize a website with adult content, then AdNow isn’t for you. There are other networks that allow adult content if you that’s your niche.

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