What is Adsense Matched Content Ad and How to Apply to Blog

On This Page,You can easily know about What is Adsense Matched Content Ad and How to Apply to Blog.

Matched content is a free recommendation service that offers you a simple thanks to promote your content to your site visitors. By offering your readers more content that’s relevant to them, you’ll increase your site’s page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, and ultimately ad revenue.Matched content recommendations are based on topic similarity and are personalized for the reader. Our experiments show that on average Matched content recommendations increase the number of pages viewed by 9% and the time spent on site by 10%. See this Inside AdSense blog post for more information.

What is Google AdSense Matched Content?

Google AdSense Matched Content is a native ad unit that allows you to show related posts from your website. You also have the option to monetize this unit with relevant ads that are shown alongside your related posts.

a. Less Server Resources – By default, WordPress related posts plugins are resource intensive. By using Matched Content widget from Google, you’re offloading the server load to them.
b. Better Related Posts Algorithm – Google’s sophisticated algorithm shows a post that’s more relevant to the person viewing.
c. Monetization – This is another way for you to make money from your blog.


a. Powered by Logo – Google displays a powered by link in Matched Content Unit which some might find unattractive.

Now that you know what is Google Matched Content, let’s take a look at how to add it in your WordPress site.

How to create Adsense matched content ad

First, go to your Adsense account and click on ads
Click on “Matched content” by clicking on ad unit

adsense matched content ads

Now you can customize your Adsense matched content ad from here.
It will show you which of your sites are eligible for matched content if your site is eligible, you can create ad.

Enter the name for your matched content ad in the Ad unit name Now if you want, you can change the style, font, title color, background color of your matched content ad, just click on “Style” and customize it accordingly (although you can customize it I would not recommend it because It’s default setting is perfect)

Even if you want, you can also change the size, however, its default setting is responsive, which will show the ad according to your ad location, but if you want, you can change it to custom size.

Click on the size and enter the size for your ad.

Click on Save and get code.

Matched Content size

Your matched content ad is ready and you will see a code, copy it so that you can implement it in your blog.

There are many ways to add an ad to the blog if you want to put this ad in your blog’s sidebar or footer, you won’t need any plugin, but if you want to place your ad at the middle, above or below of your content, you’ll need the plugin.

If you have not yet put any ad in your blog and want to apply, then I would suggest you ad inserter plugin. This is a perfect plugin for ads.

Through this plugin, you can place ads anywhere in your blog, but let’s first know how to place Adsense matched content ad in the sidebar or footer of the blog.

How to add Adsense matched content ad in the sidebar or footer of the blog

Open your blog and click on the appearance and click on the widget

Matched content widget

Now in available widgets, you will get the option of custom HTML, drop it into your sidebar or click on custom HTML in available widgets and click on the sidebar

Now paste the copied Adsense matched content ad code and save it.

matched content HTML

Adsense matched content has been added to the sidebar of your blog, if you wish, you can open your blog and see ads on your blog.

By the same process, if you want, you can also advertise in the footer. Instead of just adding that HTML widget to the sidebar, add it to the footer, but if you want to add Adsense matched content ad to the middle, top, or bottom of the blog post, then you have to install the plugin in your blog, just follow this process.

How to add Adsense matched content ad between blog posts

First of all, you have to install ad inserter plugin in your blog, how to install a plugin in WordPress blog

After installing the plugin go to settings and click on ad inserter
Mark posts by pasting your Adsense ad code

Matched Content Markd post

In the insertion, select the location where you want your ad to appear, in this, you will get lots of options which are sufficient.

matched content paragraph

Let us assume that you want to show an ad in your blog after a few paragraphs.
So select the paragraph from it and enter the number of paragraphs in the box just in front of it that after how many paragraphs you want to show this ad

Click on the outline setting and choose the paragraph counting location, Top or bottom you can select whatever you want.

matched content ad paragraph

(Or if you want to show your Adsense matched content ad at the end of the post, in you can select “after post”) in the insertion

After that click on Save setting
Adsense matched content ad will start displaying at the location you choose.

By the way, you will not have any problem in creating Adsense matched ad and adding it to the blog, but if you have faced any problem then you can discuss it in the comment without hesitation.

Whether it’s appropriate to put Adsense matched content ad in a blog

This may be inappropriate for a blog in any way, I do not think, rather you will benefit from its use as it will not only increase your earning but it will also help in increasing the traffic of your blog.

Because not only ads but also your blog posts are displayed in it. And multiple ads are also displayed in it.

And if you are an Adsense publisher, I will also suggest that you must try it once, your earning and traffic will be much better than earlier. Anyway, Adsense matched content ad is more valuable than other Adsense ads because the rest of the ads can be used by all Adsense publishers.

But Ads watched ad is not available for all publishers mostly not available for those who have a new account or have less traffic on their blog.

So the use of this ad is perfectly justified and will enhance your earning as well as traffic.

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