What Changes In My Website to Increased Google AdSense Revenue

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

5 Changes That Drastically Increased My Google AdSense Revenue

1. Block All of the Sites on This List

I had no concept you’ll actually increase your Google AdSense revenue by blocking certain sites from displaying ads on your site. I found this picture tutorial that shows you exactly where to enter this information in order that these sites get blocked without messing up anything!

Why Do It?

Every site on these lists is known to possess a low RPM. a coffee RPM means clicks and any money you earn per 1,000 impressions are getting to be worth mere pennies, and who wants that?!

By blocking ads from these sites, you’re opening the door for higher RPM ads to step in, meaning that clicks and impressions are going to be worth more. Also, I’ve noticed that more relevant ads will display if you block these sites, and that’s an excellent thing since your readers are more likely to click on ads that are almost like your post topics.

It creates a way of continuity on your site and greatly reduces any ads which will seem ‘spammy’.

2. Get the fast AdSense Plugin to put Ads in Your Posts

If you don’t have an ad placed in your posts somewhere, then odds are that you simply are missing out on some big revenue opportunities.

I did not do that for much too long and I’m kicking myself for not changing my ad placement sooner.

In reality, i assumed that it had been getting to be too hard for me to work out the coding to urge the ads within the middle of the posts (I operate off the Genesis Framework). Honestly, I should have just done a touch research to seek out a plugin that allowed me to try to to just that. Instead, I gave up for the nonce and just let my AdSense spaces sit in their original locations… and in fact , nothing changed.

When I finally decided that it had been time to form a change, I found the plugin that I should have used an extended time ago: Quick AdSense

I quickly installed it and was impressed by how easy it had been to use. you’ll choose what percentage ads to display, where you would like them within the posts, then far more . It literally transformed my AdSense approach and brought quick results.

3. Use the ‘Allow & Block Ads’ Feature Wisely

I think the initial reaction that tons of individuals make is that they have to travel in and block every category possible that they don’t like.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking control, the truth is that you simply won’t see your best Google AdSense revenue if you set your wants first.

Instead of happening a blocking rampage, take a step back and evaluate the info .

What data? It’s right ahead of you… just click on the overall Categories tab under the Allow & Block Ads feature. you ought to see two percentages next to every category:

  • % ad Impressions
  • % Earnings

Both of those percentages reflect the past 30 days of activity and are a gold mine when it involves deciding which ads are bringing within the money and which of them aren’t.

The % Ad Impressions column shows you the share of ads that came from each category. So, if you see 10% next to apparel, then 10% of ads on your site were from that category.

In the % Earnings column, you’ll see what percentage of your Google AdSense revenue came from each category.

You’ll also notice that there are subcategories (denoted by the amount in parentheses next to the category name). It’s good to concentrate to those also because some might actually be performing well, even if the overall category isn’t doing so hot.

Instead of blocking the entire thing, i like to recommend clicking on the category in order that you’ll see the subcategories. you ought to see more columns with stats (which often don’t match the odds on the primary page, but a minimum of you get a touch more info. If you notice that a subcategory is performing well in earnings, then keep that one and block a number of the others.

Tip: If you see that a category features a very low number within the an ad Impression column, i might advise you to not worry about blocking it since it’s such a coffee impression rate anyway.

Why This Works

By blocking the less effective categories, you’re opening up the door for more ads to be displayed from categories that are literally earning money.

You may find that you simply got to tweak which categories you block over time, and that’s totally ok. I check out my stats all the time, but I usually wait about 30 days before I plan to make any changes. this provides me time to get an honest view of which categories are performing well and which of them aren’t.

4. Work on Your Keywords

If you aren’t using the Google Keyword Planner, then I encourage you to start.

If your keywords aren’t showing any value, or it’s very low, then odds are that your Adsense earnings are getting to suffer.

I’m not saying that you simply should specialise in just high paying keywords because which will really limit you and drain your inspiration. Instead, attempt to incorporate them hear and there and check out to stay your topics relevant to those keywords in order that you’ll get some higher paying ads to point out up on your site.

There are many great resources out there to assist you refine this craft and become a successful keyword writer, so I’ll spare the space and allow you to go check those out for yourself.

5. Change the colour of Text Ads

Did you recognize that you simply can actually change the colour of your text ads? you’ve got control over border color, link color, then much more! I made my text ads match the colour of my site, but I encourage you to fiddle with it and see what looks best.

Your ultimate goal is to form AdSense work for you. By following the following pointers , I hope that you’ll notice some positive changes in your ads, including (hopefully) a rise in revenue.

5 Ways to increase AdSense Revenue

1. Write more content

One of the foremost effective ways to extend AdSense revenue in 2020 is to write down more content.

There’s no secret that websites that produce the foremost content grow more quickly than sites that produce less. this is often why serial site builders tend to outsource their content writing to assist scale site growth over time.

2. Create more video content

As of January 2020, YouTube is that the second-most popular social network on the online . There are over 2 billion users, and over 1 billion hours of video content is consumed on the platform a day .

Backlinko features a fantastic guide the way to rank YouTube videos, and here are the search terms Google tends to use video leads to a SERP:

  • How-to keywords
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Anything fitness or sports-related
  • Funny videos

3. Improve engagement metrics to extend AdSense revenue

Most people agree that “good” user experience is where user engagement is high. The visitor is reading content, viewing multiple pages, and sharing the content across social platforms.

Additionally, we’ve known for a few time that point on page is positively correlated with earnings.

4. Diversify revenue streams

revenue streams

Diversifying revenue streams is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for publishers. Why? consider growing your website like investing within the stock market. Investing in many various stocks (like an index fund) is way less risky and volatile compared to investing all of your money into one stock.

Some publishers are scared of display ads affecting their affiliate revenue, or the other way around . actually , most affiliate sites earn extra money from adding display ads than the small they lose in affiliate income.

Serial affiliate website builder Ben Adler has found great success in diversifying his revenue streams. After a year, display ads didn’t affect his affiliate income. His traffic and affiliate income stayed an equivalent , but he just made more total revenue with ads. The advantage of getting more into ads is that if you’ve got evergreen content on your site, you’ll have that information on your site for five years and it’ll never leave of date.

Here are some ways you’ll diversify your revenue streams in 2020:

  • Sponsored/branded content
  • Product sales
  • Direct deals
  • Subscription-based or donation-based models

5. Grow the worth of your ad inventory

Growing the worth of your ad inventory refers to increasing the price of the physical ad space available on your website to advertisers.

How do publishers accomplish this? There are many strategies people use:

  • A/B testing: Are 6 ads on a page better for UX, or is it 7? Let’s say 60% of individuals prefer layout A with 6 ads, but 40% preferred layout B with 7 ads. If you select the choice preferred by the majority, you’re now losing out on the 40% of the audience that preferred something different.
  • Ad-ops shops/third-party monetization: These players jam tons of ads on the page to realize a better total eCPM (total price purchased all the ads on a page). this might earn you extra money within the short term, but within the future , ad dilution happens. Additionally, more ads on the page may cause visitors to go to fewer pages, resulting in lower ad revenues.

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