The Difference Between AdSense And Amazon Native Ads

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

What Is AdSense?

AdSense is a billboard serving application travel by internet giant Google. Website owners can enroll within the program to enable text, image, and, more recently, video advertisements on their websites.

These advertisements are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google not only offers AdSense for product feeds but also allows businesses to display ads in custom search engines in sites . Furthermore, AdSense allows publishers to earn extra money from their RSS feeds with contextually ads and placement-targeted ads and also from the visitors searches.

What Are Amazon Native Ads?

Amazon Native Shopping Ads has been started over the years by world’s #1 retailer and internet giant Amazon. Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations during a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit which will be placed at the top of content or within the content to make a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are almost like AdSense in terms of showing contextual ads. It shows relevant ads supported the page where ads are being displayed. Once you place the ad codes on your blog (you only got to do that once), it automatically scans the content of the page & displays products supported the keywords used within the article.

There are three variants of the Amazon Native Ads:

  • Recommendations Ads: It will automatically allow the best-matched products which will be based on your web page content and the visitors.
  • Search Ads: It will allow drive recommendations which will be based on search phrase determined by you or your users.
  • Custom Ads: It will allow you to specify the products from the which you want to promote.

Minimum Traffic Requirement


Adsense doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements to become a publisher or to post their ads on your page. you only need to have a blog sit or the other site (either WordPress, Joomla or any other) where you paste the code and check out to draw in visitors. you want to not click on your own ads yourself, however. Google tracks this, and that they will ban you if you are doing this. it’s considered a black hat tactic since it’s not an honest inquiry into the services being offered within the ad.

Google only requires that you simply should post frequent and substantial content that’s related in how to the advertisements running on your site. within the past, the authors of the location would decide which ads to run. Now, Google uses its algorithm and finds ads that best suit your site page where the ad is running in order that the probabilities of somebody checking out your content are going to be greater and can coincide with the ad’s content also .

Native Shopping Ads:

Native Shopping Ads doesn’t mention a selected minimum number of page views required to urge approval into the network. Your Site/Blog must have robust original content – an honest rule of thumb is a minimum of 10 posts. they need to be publicly available (for example, they ought to not be a closed group, or behind a paywall).

Currently, Native Shopping Ads display products supported the country of the visiting user just for two countries – US and therefore the UK. Therefore, all the visitors from US are shown products from and therefore the visitors from UK are shown products from Click here to find out more about this feature.

Visitors from all other countries will see ads from only. Amazon is additionally performing on adding the support for monetizing the international traffic from countries aside from UK.

Revenue Share Percentage


One important factor to notice is that Google is reliable regarding what proportion of a cut they get. Publishers always receive 68% of the revenue from Adsense ads regardless of what proportion money you create . If the network is employed mainly for search then the publishers get 51%. the remainder of the share is kept by Google in recognition of the service provided.

Native Shopping Ads:

Amazon Native Shopping Ads when started worked differently than traditional CPM ads, where your readers simply need to see the ad for you to earn money. Instead, Native Shopping Ads work more like traditional affiliate links, therein when people click the ad and make a sale you’ll receive a commission. Typically, Native Shopping Ads disburse an equivalent as Amazon Associates affiliate commission for the month (which varies supported product category and/or sales volume). With recent changes Amazon started CPM based ads along affiliate commission.

There is huge opportunity to earn up to 10% advertising fees with the foremost trusted e-commerce leader of the World.

Ad Quality


Google AdSense may be a giant network which features a reach-ability through the whole globe. It displays advertisements of top quality on its platform for all of the users. they need variety of ad formats which incorporates display, text, link ads, and native ad formats. Additionally, the network has features like auto ads which scans the online pages and place ads across locations which tends to perform better (the technology uses machine learning) and help publishers observe revenue. Page level ads also form an integral a part of AdSense’s offering and its commitment to assist publishers increase ad revenue from mobile traffic.

Native Shopping Ads

Amazon being the leading retailer within the world, quality of ads are great thus far . you’ll choose between over a million products to advertise to your customers. Native Shopping Ads displays highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations during a stylishly designed, responsive and mobile-optimized ad unit.

They have three variants of Native Shopping Ads:

  • Recommendation Ads: Allows Amazon to automatically recommend the best-matched products supported your website content and your visitors.
  • Search Ads: Allows you to drive recommendations supported an enquiry phrase determined by you or your visitor.
  • Custom Ads: Allows you to specify the products from that you simply want to market .

Ads are responsive, so it’ll work with all screen sizes.

CPM, RPM Rates and Advertising Fees


AdSense offers high CPM (Cost per mille) rates within the range of USD 1 to 3. the typical RPM for niche websites dwell between USD 5 to 10 and for competitive niches with high CPC (Cost Per Click), the general page RPM (Revenue per Mille) can go as high as $30. Lot of publishers making USD 30 to USD 50 per 1000 page views on their website which are targeted towards architectural drawing, floor paints, insurance, and more.

In its simplest form, when Google matches a billboard to the requirements of the reader on the page, that person clicks the ad and therefore the blogger gets paid.

And some ads pay extra money than others, right? Well not really. Some keywords create higher paying ads may be a more succinct thanks to say it. Or some ad sizes create higher paying ads. . . The blog post topic and therefore the ad size dictate if the ad are going to be high paying or low-paying. The ad position and layout of the page determine if anyone will click them.

An Illustration to show estimated earnings from Adsense Select an Image

Native Shopping Ads

Unlike AdSense, here you’ll be earning money for actual sales.

Remember: Amazon also pays for other products purchased by your referred users.

To make it easy for you to know , here’s an example:

  • Let’s say you’ve got a visitor named Paul:
  • Paul clicks on one among the ads (Native Shopping Ads) on your blog & goes to the Amazon site via your link
  • He purchases any product on Amazon
  • You get a commission of 1% – 10% (depending upon volume)

Now let’s say the merchandise that Paul purchased cost $100:

4% of $100: $4

This is a typical scenario. If Paul decides to not purchase the merchandise recommended by you, but instead purchases 10 different products worth a complete of $1000, you’ll still be earning 4% of his total purchase.

4% of $1000: $40

You are earning $40 from only one referral.

In case you didn’t know, Amazon is that the top e-commerce site within the world & their conversion rate is far above most every other e-commerce site.

An Illustration to point out estimated earnings from Native Shopping Ads

This link explains the particular fees purchased the products that are purchased from click on ads from your site/blog.

Pros and Cons



  • It’s free for publishers; Google takes a percentage of what advertisers pay to run their ads on your site.
  • It’s user-friendly. albeit you aren’t especially tech-savvy, the AdSense system is straightforward and intuitive.
  • It’s customize-able. You get to settle on your ad styles and sizes and where they’ll continue your site. you’ll even select the colours within the ad to match your site’s design.
  • It’s scale-able. With one account, you’ll place ads on multiple sites.
  • It’s effective. Earning money with AdSense is straightforward , provided you’ve got quality content and established traffic.


It can take a short time to urge paid, since you want to earn a minimum of $100 before you’ll transfer earnings to your checking account .
Your control is restricted . you’ve got some influence over what sorts of ads run on your site, but Google has the ultimate say, and that they also determine what proportion you get paid per click.
You’re stuck during a monogamous relationship with Google. As long as you’re using AdSense, you can’t run ads from the other network on your site.
Your account is in Google’s hands. If they think click fraud or the other nefarious activity on your site, they will remove your ads or close your AdSense account completely.

Native Shopping Ads


  • A well-reputed and trusted brand: Amazon may be a mega-brand which has popularity everywhere the planet . Besides the eCommerce business, their affiliate program is additionally the foremost renowned business option online.
  • Through Amazon’s affiliate program, one can easily expand the revenue because Amazon has set rules to urge benefitted. Beyond the products you promote, you’ll also get take advantage of other products.
  • Amazon is safe and secure for both the buyers and therefore the affiliates.
  • You may choose between over million products to advertise on your site/blog if the standard of contents are good


  • Low affiliate commission ranging from 4%, Amazon’s affiliate commission rates go up to 10% and that’s it.
  • While PayPal figuratively controls the web payment system, Amazon still doesn’t allow this popular option. To pay their affiliate they exclude the PayPal although many of their affiliate partners could really get enjoy it.
  • Amazon has still not expanded this product to most of the Asian countries yet.

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