The Best Policy Violations in Google AdSense

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

As a publisher, one of the most profitable sources of income presumably comes from the monetisation of Ads. Before you even start imagining getting money from ads, you should first note the advertising rules and policies made by Google. These rules and policies serve as guidelines for advertisers and publishers to advertise content that complies with Google’s standards.

However, most of the time, advertisers and publishers don’t understand Google’s advertising rules and policies. This lack of data caused publishers to unknowingly create and place ads in their website that causes their ads or website to be detected as having violated Google’s policy. Having policy violations will then affect website performance and advertising revenue received by Publishers.

What is a Google Adsense Policy Violation?

policy violation

Google Adsense policy violations occur when publishers violate Google ad policies and get their ad accounts suspended or ads temporarily faraway from their websites.

Google Adsense demands something unique, fresh from their publishers. you’ll inspect Income School’s 350+ Free micro-niche Ideas if you’re out of topics. I explained everything during this excel sheet, from what niche to travel with or not, traffic, affiliate ability, seasonal or not, and an overall score for better understanding for a noob blogger.

Anyway, Let’s return to the subject , the way to fix google AdSense policy violation. So we share some common things to do before applying for Google Adsense or the way to fix if your website or blog is rejected due to a Google Adsense policy violation.

Knowledge is key, therefore keep reading to learn the 5 types of policy violation in Google AdSense.

1. User Generated Content

User Generated Content may be a sort of content created by users within the sort of photos, videos, testimonials, or chat reviews associated with a product, service or brand. User generated content can’t be advertised as are often created by anyone. These sorts of content creators don’t necessarily understand Google’s rules and policies. These contents could contain certain things that violate Google’s rules and policies, like sexual content, violence, and many more.

2. Deceptive Content

Deceptive content that’s prohibited by Google is deemed as ad content that doesn’t present clear boundaries between content and advertisements. Provide clear boundaries between content and advertisements. You fill find that the user experience also will be improved as wrong clicks are going to be avoided.

3. Videos with more Ads than real content

You should always prioritise real content in your website. If your content is within the sort of a video, make sure that the duration of real content is more than ads. By doing this, the standard of user experience while watching your video are going to be preserved.

4. UI Modification

UI modification is defined by certain modifications to ad placement that affects the interface or user experience. this is important to avoid especially when advertising with videos. Ads shouldn’t be placed near or maybe worse, blocking the sport or video player controls (play, pause, volume, etc.). this is often to avoid user inconvenience when watching videos.

5. Player Size Minimum 256 pixels

What this suggests is that In-article and in-feed video ad placements must be a minimum of 256 pixels in size. Most of the time, the video ad is just too small, making it difficult to see or too big, so it annoys the user.

These are a number of the foremost important Google’s ad policy violations that you simply should note of. this is often important in order that publishers aren’t exposed to problems with violating Google Ads rules and policies. Avoid wrong placement or publishing too many ads because this will have an impression on your website’s performance on Google.

Pro Tips to Avoid Google AdSense Policy Violation

Publishers are an integral a part of Google’s advertising. to assist publishers remain on the safe side, Google encourages them to follow some best practices. Here are a number of them we’ve listed below:

  • Avoid clicking on your own ads to stop invalid traffic.
  • Prepare content from a user’s point of view that’s useful.
  • Keep the content family-safe and valuable to the reader.
  • Ditch deceptive page/ad layouts or call-outs to ask clicks.
  • Create quality content, avoid duplication, and update regularly.
  • Observe Google’s copyrights and terms of service thoroughly.
  • Don’t make modifications to the AdSense code.

Publishers are advised to remain on top of AdSense policies, product updates to avoid google AdSense policy violation errors.

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