The Best Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic Sites/Blogs

On This Page,You can easily know about The Best Adsense Alternatives For Low Traffic Sites/Blogs.

Fortunately, apart from google Adsense there are many ad networks for low traffic sites. These networks don’t require traffic for approval nor are you required to have thousands and thousands of traffic to make money on the platforms.

Why should you find an AdSense alternative for low traffic?

Although Google AdSense is still super popular, it’s not the best ad network for small publishers these days. Their ad tools for bloggers are immensely powerful, but also difficult to understand when getting started with zero knowledge about display ads.

So, let’s look at a few reasons why you may want to find an AdSense alternative that’s easier to use and earns you more money:

1. Low ad revenue for low traffic

Adsense isn’t what it used to be anymore. The network attracts so many publishers worldwide that small publishers have a hard time attracting high-paying ads.

Therefore, you need huge amounts of traffic to earn substantial passive income with AdSense these days.

2. Tricky approval conditions

Although it’s never happened to me, I hear a lot of people having trouble getting approved to AdSense.

The exact AdSense requirements aren’t difficult to fulfill, but it sounds like they already have enough publishers and can pick and choose as they like.

3. Poor customer support and helpdesk

When you place ads on your blog, you will run into questions. And although the setup process isn’t too technical, it’s not a walk in the park the first time around.

Sadly enough, I’ve never reached an actual human being when I wanted to contact AdSense. They’ve simply grown too big to offer 1-on-1 help to their publishers. A big no-no for me!

4. Rigid rules and policies

My idea of a user-friendly display ad network is this: easy to set up and create different ad units for your blog. That’s it.

Now, AdSense has so many options and tools that it’s difficult to know where to start. Their rules and policies are sometimes hard to understand. And since they keep updating them from time to time, you sometimes spend hours trying to find out what’s OK and what isn’t.

All in all, AdSense isn’t the most beginner-friendly display ad network out there. And when you’re running a new blog, I know you don’t have time to waste. You want to find an ad network that’s quick and easy to set up and work with, right?

Google AdSense alternatives for low traffic blogs/sites:

1. Infolinks


Infolinks supports several ad types and units, making it one of the best AdSense alternatives for small blogs. It’s easy to set up once you’re approved and you’ll have your ads running in no time.

The Infolinks dashboard is easy to navigate, too. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the useful reporting tools and powerful ad customization options. You can quickly enable or disable certain ad units and types directly from your dashboard, too.

2. alternatives

This company is owned by Yahoo and is considered as the best alternative to Adsense.

Publishers with get high CPM for monetizing traffic. There is no traffic requirement. Yahoo just like google approves only websites with quality and unique contents.

3. RevenueHits

RevenueHits alternatiives

RevenueHits is different from all the other best Google AdSense alternatives for low traffic blogs in this article. They use a cost per action (CPA) revenue model, meaning that you only earn ad revenue for sign-ups or sales your readers make.

The biggest benefit of CPA earnings is that the payout for a single action is quite high. You can see payouts of up to $10 – $50 per action, based on the advertiser.

That said, you can make good money with RevenueHits if your readers are looking to purchase related products. For example, if you write review posts, RevenueHits can show ads for related products that match your readers’ interests.

4. PropellerAds

propeller ads alternatives

PropellerAds specializes in popunder and interstitial ads. So, when your readers click a link on your blog, a new browser tab will open in the background.

Now, popunders aren’t suitable for every blog. Make sure they’re not intrusive to your readers before activating them. If you’re not 100% sure, just use interstitials instead. They’re full-screen ads that are easy to dismiss and close.

PropellerAds has a super-low minimum payout threshold of just $5. Thus, you don’t have to wait for ages to get your first payout. They also support several popular payout methods.

5. Chitika

This is one of the best ad networks for new bloggers.

Chitika is easy to sign-up. Ads come up immediately after placing ads code and you can start earning immediately.

Chitika runs a referral program. You will earn up to 10% of the total revenue of publishers you referred to Chitika for 10 months.

6. YllixMedia

This ad network offers CPC ad type, with lots of ad formats for monetization. All application are accepted instantly. They also accept adult websites. YllixMedia offers referral program with 2% lifetime commissions.

7. Viglink

viglink alternatives

Viglink is definitely one of my favorite AdSense alternatives for low traffic websites! They let you use their in-text advertising tools to convert normal links into affiliate links.

Yup, you heard right. If a reader buys a product through your link, you earn a referral commission. For instance, let’s say you write a lot about cameras. In one of your posts, you mention your new “Canon EOS 5D”. Viglink will pick up on this and convert it into an affiliate link.

Needless to say, Viglink is one of the best ad networks for any low-traffic website with product-driven content. Thus, if you write a lot of reviews and mention products on your website, give them a try.

8. Amazon Affiliate Program

amazon alternatives

Making money with the Amazon affiliate program is super easy. You can choose any product you wish to promote on your blog!

And the best part is: every time your readers buy anything on Amazon via your links, you earn a commission. Yes, even if you’re linking to a slow juicer and they buy fishing equipment, you’ll earn money.

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