Resolve Valuable Inventory: Not Enough Content AdSense Violation

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targeted towards the site content and the audience.

Resolve Google AdSense Publisher Violations For Valuable Inventory Problems

Obviously the email didn’t have anything useful on behalf of me beyond that there was a drag. Before having visited the AdSense dashboard, i assumed that perhaps i used to be being attacked by bots, but I didn’t want to travel into hazard mode on The Polyglot Developer until I found out needless to say .

In the Google AdSense dashboard I visited Settings -> Policy Center and located the following:

violation status

There were a couple of red flags that came up once I saw the knowledge from the above image:

  • Who is and why are they throwing policy violations on my Google AdSense account?
  • what’s a Valuable Inventory: No Content violation?
  • How do I fix violations or remove AdSense code from a website that I even have no control over?

I began to do some research on the violation. In short, a Valuable Inventory: No Content violation happens when you’re trying to display advertisements on a page with no relevant data. These are common when trying to display ads on a login or registration page.

I visited the location in question and it had been actually a login page. To be honest, I checked out the ASCII text file and couldn’t even find any AdSense code, but that took me to my next step. I needed information from the domain in question.

As of now, I haven’t received a response from either party. While I did fix the matter within the end, since both parties declined to reply to me, I even have no idea if the domain in question was doing something malicious or simply a mistake on Google.

So what does one do when the parties responsible won’t respond on Twitter and therefore the domain is out of your control?

After painfully digging around, I found a contact form for the Google AdSense team and sent them an inquiry with my problem. I got a response a couple of hours later.

It seems , you’ll verify your domains in AdSense and restrict ads to showing only on verified domains, something not enabled by default.

violation overview

In the Google AdSense dashboard, you’ll attend Settings -> My Sites -> Overview and begin validating domains. You’ll see within the above image that I even have one validated domain. the opposite domains are using my publisher keys for whatever reason.

To restrict AdSense from functioning correctly on validated domains, you want to click the site Authorization link within the menu on the page.

violation authorized

By default this feature isn’t enabled which suggests any domain can show ads under your account. Whether or not they need to follow Google’s rules isn’t something you’ll control if you’re not restricting your account.

What Google says about “Valuable Inventory not enough content”?

Google says we’ve found policy violations on that are preventing your site from being approved:

The site I even have mentioned above is now approved for Adsense. you’ll check it as a reference.

Valuable Inventory: Not enough content

It’s important for a website displaying AdSense to supply significant value to the user by providing unique and relevant content, and to not place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.

This may include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Paragraph copied from other sources
  • websites dedicated to embedded videos from other hosts like YouTube, Video or Daily motion.
  • Websites with gibberish content that creates no sense or seems auto-generated

templates or per-generated websites that provide duplicate content to users. For more information, please review the AdSense programme policies, this help article about scraped content and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

adsense policy violation

Things to follow for fast AdSense Approval

1. you ought to have a minimum of 20 posts on your blog. confirm your blogs and webpages have quite 500 words and Self-created featured images. The HTML structure of a webpage should be maintained.

2. All the posts should be uniquely written by either yourself or by a content writer. Originality and uniqueness of a blog post matters for Adsense Approval.

3. There shouldn’t be any copyrighted material on your website

4. Avoid using the stock images from Pixabey, Sutter Stock or Canva before getting Adsense. Once you get the approval then you’ll use stock or free images. you would possibly contradict me here. Many of you’ve got told me that you simply have properly given the Image credit and therefore the image you’ve got used is liberal to use. they’re not copyrighted. you’re right.

But, i might wish to tell you when your application reaches Google Adsense checkers then they’re going to have enough information about your content. they’re going to analyze everything including images, embedded videos, text, your website navigation, pre-used ads, and far more stuff.

In this process, they’re going to find that the pictures used are duplicate images. you recognize it’s free, i do know it’s free but who will tell the AdSense analyzers.

I hope you would possibly get the purpose .

5. confirm you’ve got proper navigation on your site. Navigation means enabling breadcrumbs and maintaining an honest menu structure.

6. confirm you’ve got Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us, Terms and Condition and Disclaimer pages properly designed with enough content. for instance , your contact us page must contain the email, phone, address, contact form and if possible then map also.

7. If possible use an honest theme or premium WordPress theme.

8. confirm to contain a minimum of 3-4 posts in each category.

How to fix “Valuable Inventory not enough content violation”?

There is a small difference between Valuable Inventory: No content and Valuable Inventory: Not enough content. i feel the word is enough to explain . No content means there’s tons of things missing which I even have described above.

Not enough content means things are in your control but needs a polish. So, i am describing here what you would like to polish?

If you’ve got got the precious inventory not enough content violation then confirm to travel through this checklist. Once all marked fixed then apply again for Adsense. you’ll get approval in on go.

  • Add some more fresh articles on your site. attempt to write long and detailed articles.
  • Check your navigation and verify the content structure and length of older posts.
  • Keep your sidebar and footer engaged with goodies like recent posts, subscription form, recent comments or another valuable information.
  • attempt to use a minimum of one relevant images in your posts.
  • There shouldn’t be any category during which there’s no post.
  • Add Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, Disclaimer, About Us and get in touch with Us pages with enough content. this is often mandatory to try to to .

If you follow all the above-said strategies then you’ll be ready to resolve valuable Inventory: Not enough content error.

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