How to Write an AdSense Friendly Article for Beginner Bloggers

On This Page,You can easily know about How to Write an AdSense Friendly Article for Beginner Bloggers.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

How do I write an AdSense friendly article?

After you’ve got picked a keyword or a subject , you would like to show it into an informative article. In language class, you’ll have learned about the essential thanks to write a piece of writing . the toughest a part of writing a piece of writing is that the first sentence.

For example, I pick “best laptop for blogging” as my keyword. i will be able to ask myself these basic questions:

  • Who is that the audience of my article?
  • What sort of blogging laptop do my audience need?
  • Why is that this particular good for blogging?
  • Where is that the best place to shop for the blogging laptop?
  • When is that the best time to shop for the blogging laptop?
  • How do my audience should choose the simplest blogging laptop?

Obviously those questions are often expanded. you’ll ask yourself additional “What” or “How” questions. Then, you’ll turn the answers into a coherent paragraphs.

Answer the questions supported your personal knowledge. Then, back it up with external sources in order that your answers become more valid. Cite their articles and remember to paraphrase.

Always expand your questions in order that the article can become more informative. Ask detailed questions. If your article can answer all of the questions associated with “best blogging laptop” (the keyword), then you’ve got written an honest quality article!

Avoid Beginner’s Traps to make an AdSense Friendly Article

Genuine bloggers are those of you who put effort to write down a piece of writing supported your own personal experience, hobby or expertise. You have already got a deep knowledge on the subject that you simply want to share.

You enjoy writing and Ad-sense is simply an afterthought. Usually, if you’re belong to the present group, you’ll have a neater time to urge approval.

However, a number of you’ll start blogging simply because you would like to urge Ad-sense revenue and there’s nothing wrong thereupon .

If revenue is your main motif, you’ve got to take care to not fall under the beginner’s traps.

Beginner often make common mistakes once they start writing for the primary time. If you’re a beginner blogger who wants to urge Ad-sense approval, be careful for these traps:

Keyword Trap

A lot of individuals often misunderstand keyword researching. it’s one among the key strategy in program Optimization (SEO) to realize higher organic traffic from Google search result. Researching the foremost relevant keywords will increase your chance to seem on top.

It is also a technique to extend revenue by using specific keywords to trigger higher paying contextual ads.

Listicle Trap

Listicle is an article which highlights multiple information in the form of list. We are familiar with the “Top 10” style articles. That is the example of listicle.

It is easy to write because we do not need to do in-depth research. All we need to do is gathering multiple information and there is no need to be too detailed. It is also popular with the readers because it is easy to read.

English Trap

A lot of Bloggers choose to use English as the language of their contents. It is true that having an English language will provide you with international audience. As a result, higher paying ads may start to appear on your blog.

However, there are a lot of people who do not have good understanding in sentence structure and grammar. Yet they force themselves to write in English. As a result, the articles become nonsensical.

AdSense will reject website which contain too much linguistic errors.

It is better to write in your own native language. You can develop another blog once your English skills have improved.

News Trap

You will never run out of content idea if you are creating a news blog. There will always be news to write. However, a pure news blog may have harder time to get approval.

Pure news is inherently not original. All of news outlets will report the same information. It is better to write an editorial style news. Instead of just writing plain facts, you need to put additional contexts and expertise opinion.

Misrepresentation Trap

AdSense explicitly prohibit misrepresentation information. You are prohibited to mislead your readers by providing vague or false information. I have written an article dedicated to Misrepresentation contents. Avoid misrepresentation contents to minimize AdSense rejection!

SEO Trap

A lot of beginners mistakenly take the meaning of Search Engine Optimization at face value. SEO writing will help you to design an article which is preferred by the search engine.

However, do not forget that human will also read your articles. If you follow misleading SEO writing styles, your article may end up becoming nonsensical to human readers. As a result, AdSense may think that your blog contains spam article, thus you will be rejected.

Steps to make an AdSense account:

AdSense has recently changed the account approval process to incorporate the subsequent steps:

  • check in for AdSense
  • Add AdSense ads to your blog
  • Wait while your account is reviewed and either accepted or rejected

Although the new AdSense account approval process is sort of lengthy, the method will ultimately help to take care of the standard of AdSense for all users.

It is also important to form sure your blog or website is abiding by AdSense policies before applying.

Also, make certain to read the terms and conditions mentioned on the signup page to find out more.

Step-by-Step Guide to making an AdSense Account:

First, attend the Signup page for AdSense.

You will see an choice to create a replacement Google account, otherwise you can prefer to use your existing Google account.

sign in account

Website Details:

Website Details

This form is straight-forward. you merely got to enter your website address and choose the content language. For the web site URL use your blog address, and confirm to feature it without “http://”.

AdSense contact information:

adsense application

This is the foremost important part.

I remember making a few of mistakes at this part once I first signed up. Hopefully, if you follow this guide, you won’t make an equivalent mistakes.

The “payee name” is extremely important. confirm to use an equivalent name under which you’ve got a checking account , as AdSense are going to be sending you checks or EFT payment thereunder name.

If you create an error here, changing the payee name of your account are going to be difficult in many countries, including India.

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