How to Solve AdSense Policy Violation “Site Behavior: Navigation”

On This Page,You can easily know about How to Solve AdSense Policy Violation “Site Behavior: Navigation”.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

How to Fix Site Behavior: Navigation AdSense Violation

False claims of downloadable or streaming content

Most of us while writing a post embeds the video. It are often a youtube Video, Dailymotion Video, Instagram Video or video from the other platform. well, these all videos are subjected to copyright.

We will suggest you to not use more such content before approval.

If you’ve got placed a live video in your sidebar or footer then remove that before going for AdSense approval. Mainly this is often for those bloggers who place live streaming in their sidebars. Mostly applicable to new news sites.

Well, remove this if you’ve got such navigation to repair Site Behavior: navigation policy violation.

Linking to content that doesn’t exist

We all know that inbound links and outbound links are important with reference to SEO. That’s why once we write a blog post or create a web page we do linking.

But sometimes, the links that we’ve added to our blog may end in 404 or even deleted from the first source. a daily broken links check is important thanks to this. Broken link fixation ais also important for website good SEO health.

broken link

Make sure you don’t have much-broken links on your website once you apply for Google Adsense.

Redirecting users to irrelevant and/or misleading webpages

Like we discussed earlier interlinking check is important. within the same way, for generating high income or get some traffic for a few purposes people always do some misleading interlinkings. better you ought to avoid this if you’ve got done.

Scenario 1 for instance – one among the bloggers features a movie website and simply because his AdSense is suspended thanks to copyrighted content he redirects his movie website to his main blog.

Scenario 2 for instance – you’re using ad networks like pop ads or propeller ads where if someone visits your website he will get too many redirects. Google doesn’t like such things. confirm your blog doesn’t have such a thing before approval.

This is really important to fix the location behavior navigation AdSense policy violation.

Text on a page unrelated to the subject and/or business model of the web site .

Being a Blogger and a digital marketing expert we get AdSense Approval requests on a day to day . Frequently speaking we’ve a bunch of individuals who writes content for all Adsense Approval websites.

But the most reason for starting this AdSense approval Process for bloggers is that the same. there’s tons of individuals within the market who goes for AdSense approval on repetitive content. they need some sets of content which they use on any website to urge AdSense approval. we’ve faced this earlier.

Sometimes it works sometimes not.

Please confirm the niche you’ve got and therefore the content you’ve got on your blog or website resembles an equivalent.

Solving AdSense Policy Violation “Site Behavior: Navigation”

The Site Behavior: Navigation is anobvious violation. So you should be ready to solve it fairly quickly. Follow the steps to fix this violation:

  • If your blog doesn’t have main navigation menu, then you should create one.
  • Check for broken links within the menu and anywhere within the contents. you’ll use Broken Link Checker.
  • don’t use external link for the most navigation menu. Use internal link just for the most menu.
  • Change the layout or the order of the menu, includes only essential and related menu.
  • Check if the sub-menu is correctly implemented.
  • For Blogger users, use labels to classify your contents into sub topics.
  • Use the labels links as your navigation menu. Put a number of them in side bar for extra navigation system.
  • confirm that social media widgets are properly implemented. don’t leave them blank.
  • Check every external links that you simply have inserted inside the articles to see if they’re still properly reachable.
  • Remove all misleading or false anchor texts and unrelated pages.
  • Use public Blogger profile in order that user can navigate to your profile page properly.
  • don’t use auto redirection script and pop-ups windows.

Follow the great Navigation Menu Principle to “Prevent Site Behavior: Navigation”

If you’re close to apply for AdSense, you would like to concentrate to the three principles of excellent navigation menu in order that you do not receive Site Behavior: Navigation violation.

Your blog’s navigation bar or menu should have good alignment. If you would like to click of 1 of the menu,it shouldn’t be shifting around an excessive amount of . Unstable navigation menu alignment might cause missed click and user might choose the incorrect menu, thus they get redirected to unwanted page.

Good navigation menu should have good readability. Choose font size and clear font type for the menu. Users should be ready to see and skim the menu easily.

You should also concentrate to the functionality of the menu bar. confirm that there’s no broken link within the menu. The menu should point to the right and clear destination.

This blog, SofanMax, is an example of proper navigation menu. it’s simple but it provides distinct classification and clear information.

the explanations Why Your Blog Receives Site Behavior: Navigation

A bad blog navigation system will results in Site Behavior: Navigation. this sort of AdSense rejection will occur if your blog contains the subsequent elements:

Bad link redirect

When users click on an external link, they’re going to be redirected to a special website. External link is a crucial element which may enrich your information. However, if you set an external link which points to malicious website, Site Behavior: Navigation are going to be triggered and your AdSense application may get rejected.

Forced redirection using script isn’t allowed. you should not redirect users forcefully. Users are given freedom to click away or choose to stay.

Using false anchor link is additionally considered as bad link redirect. you ought to only insert the link inside a sentence which is said to the destination of the link.

For example, if the anchor link says that it point to SofanMax blog, then the link should also contain SofanMax web address. If you link it to a blog which is unrelated to SofanMax, then you’ve got deceived your users. Thus AdSense will reject your blog due to Site Behavior: Navigation.

A link which points to non-existent content

Such link is usually described as 404 or page not found. it always happens once you inserted a broken or wrong link. It also can happen when a link is pointing to old content which has been removed. If your blog contain too many broken links, Site Behaviour: Navigation may occur.

Unrelated Page

If your blog includes a post which is unrelated to the general topic of your website, AdSense may reject you. Site Behavior: Navigation are often triggered when your blog’s content is just too random. it’s always best to publish related information.

False Claim of Download or Streaming

Using “free download” and “free streaming” as keywords may attract a lot of visitors. However, if you provide false download button or false streaming, AdSense will detect it as violation. Furthermore, having illegal download or streaming link is usually bad idea because it’s infringement of copyright.

The Importance of excellent Navigation Menu with regard to AdSense Approval

In principle, AdSense only allows monetization for blogs which give useful and substantial information. Users should be ready to find the knowledge inside your blog easily and as promised. Your website should be easy to use and contain truthful information

So, an honest blog should provide good navigation system. That way, visitors are going to be ready to navigate or move around inside your blog to seek out the knowledge .

Users can navigate around your website via links. It are often within the sort of navigation menu or links inserted inside the articles.

Navigation system also can point to external source. it’s important to use a transparent anchor link (the text during which the link is inserted). you’ve got to explicitly make a transparent distinction when an external link is employed . That way, users will know once they are getting to be navigated faraway from your website.

Having good menu and good internal links will make sure that your visitors will stay. Related links will attract the readers to read more of your contents. That way you’ll gain more ads revenue.

AdSense Rejection is Common – don’t Give Up!

Every blogger who is interested in AdSense monetization gets rejected a minimum of once. it’s not uncommon because AdSense policy are often quite strict. Even subtle violation sometimes may trigger rejection.

You might think that there’s nothing wrong together with your blog. But upon closer inspection, there’s always an imperfection.

You are allowed to reapply anytime. However, it’s always wiser to require some time improving the standard of your website.

AdSense approval can’t be done in haste. In fact, if you’re too hasty, AdSense may prevent you to reapply until specific amount of your time has passed.

AdSense violation are often triggered by various reasons. If your blog violated quite two policies, AdSense sometimes won’t even bother to specify your mistakes. you’ll need to do a comprehensive audit to spot the issues .

However, if you simply violates less than two policies, AdSense may specify the source of the matter . you’ll see the detail of the violation from the Sites section of your AdSense account.

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