How to Set Up PopAds in WordPress Blog and Make Money

On This Page,You can easily know about How to Set Up PopAds in WordPress Blog and Make Money.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

How did PopAds get started in the WordPress?

I’ve been doing smaller Internet businesses since my early teens, then i attempted doing a CPM ad network with moderate success, however it had too many, let’s call them, “design flaws” and despite it being profitable, i made a decision to shut it.

By that point , PopAds was already open. it had been created as a totally self serve ad network with the thought of being easy to use and just friendly. No strict rules, no months of expecting payments, no hours of expecting stats updates. Everything fast, realtime, just once you need it. Back then, i feel we were the sole network that was doing daily payments and publishers loved it.

What features make PopAds unique?

We offer a lot of targeting options, i assume quite our competitors. we’ve a lot of proprietary technology. for instance , our system for translating user agents into device/browser/os that i think works far better than other commercial solutions.
Apart from that, we’ve many anti-fraud filters built into our adserving system, all designed and coded by me. Even after 5 years of operations, a number of them are still fairly leading edge like passive user agent spoofing detection. We also maintain our own database of VPN/proxy IPs.
Right now i’m performing on a side project which will specialise in online advertising fraud detection/filtering as a service and in fact it’ll be integrated into PopAds.

What new features are PopAds working on?

We are expanding our campaign scanner to be more efficient at detecting bad ads like tech support blockers, chrome extension forcers and malware.

We also may need a replacement quite ad type, not present anywhere within the industry at this moment. I’m not able to reveal details at this point .

From an advertiser point of view, as i discussed , we’ll be expanding fraud filtering to a reasonably paranoid level, once my side project is closer to being ready.

Popads Plugin in WordPress

PopAds is one among the simplest ad networks within the world and it’s an honest alternative to AdSense. it’s many users who publish and advertise using the platform. PopAds network is understood for the pop-under ad type. However, confine mind, that it’s not very suitable for beginner’s niche sites.

If you’ve got niche topics you’ll got to accompany another ad networks. The advantage here is that the websites containing graphic content or adult content also can advertise with this ad network site.

Now let’s take a glance to find out the way to found out Popads in WordPress.

Most of the people suggest this ad network for the bloggers who are rejected by Google AdSense. In our understanding, this ad network isn’t an immediate competitor to Google AdSense.

The ads from this ad network could be quite annoying to the visitors. Just think how does one feel once you are interested by something and suddenly a pop-up window interrupt you.

1. Sign Up

First, you’ve got to check in with the PopAds network. Once you’ve reached the PopAds official website then you’ve got to check in for the publisher account.

Accordingly, if you’re an Advertiser then you’ve got to check in as an Advertiser within the network. An advertiser has got to pay money to urge clicks on their website.

If you’re trying to find paid ad networks then you’ll register as an advertiser.

You can apply for this ad network if you’re running an entertainment website. For the gambling websites also this ad network will do the higher choice to earn good money.

2. Add website

Once you registered with the PopAds network then you’ve got to feature your website. you would like to submit an application together with your website details.

Once you added the small print you’ve got to attend until your website is approved.

Don’t worry if you see your status as pending, PopAds will certainly accept your website within at some point .

After you reached the Dashboard of your account then click on ‘New website’ under the publisher account. And Now add your website details and confirm you chose only required fields.

3. Generate Ad code – Popads in WordPress

After you’ve submitted your website information for PopAds then you’ll get a notification as your website is approved. Once you bought the notification then you’ll be ready to generate ad code.

Under publisher panel click on ‘code generator’ then you’ll get a code of PopAds which you’ve got to put on your website.

Code Generator – > Select Website -> Copy the code.

After you generated the code just copy it. you’re jsut one step faraway from placing the code on your website.

The pop ads will need to verify your website. albeit it must verify your website you’ll get instant approval.

Now it’s time to stick the code. The code itself has random ads and you can’t choose random ads in PopAds. Like AdSense code, you’ve got to stick it into your website body tag.

4. Open WordPress

After you copied the code, it’s time to stick it into your website.

Be sure to stick the code at the proper place to verify ownership correctly. you’ll add as Many websites as you would like to point out ads.

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> Find header.php -> Place the code in between <head> </head> tag and Upload file.

Once you upload the file after a couple of minutes you’ll see ads on your website. The ad types are going to be Pop-under ads which show within the new tab.

You can see similar ads on some ‘downloading sites‘. These ads will open during a new tab if you click on ‘download’. These ads will better for the adult or entertainment sites.

For nice and professional websites and blogs, these ads won’t work well to get income. this is often how you’ll place ads on your website and make money.

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