How to place Propeller Ads code on WordPress

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

Propeller Ads code Setup

Propeller ads is an online Media company, which is recently focused on the delivering very effective digital advertising platform. the corporate was found in 2011 out of a desire to make the higher bridge between the publisher and advertiser.

If you’re a writer and you would like to form money by using the propeller ads, then you’ll join them as a publisher. If you’re an advertiser and you would like to advertise your website then you’ve got to become a member of the advertiser.

Generally, most of the bloggers earn excellent income by displaying Google ads. But, what about those that were rejected by the AdSense?

There are many ad networks, which can pay you for displaying their contextual ads, and that we highly recommend to see other AdSense alternatives.

Now, most of the people consider showing the ads on their websites, and that they expect an honest revenue.

Propellerads network is one among the simplest Google AdSense alternatives, which may pay you an honest amount of money.

Propeller ads

Let’s start with a brief propeller ads review.

The Advertising network offers multi-channel advertising solutions showing the ads on desktops, mobiles and apps. The propeller ad network has over 5000 publishers and 5000 advertising campaigns. As per the corporate records, the ad network hits 700 million impressions per day.

Propellerads deliver the important market price to the publishers and advertisers. The CPC is decent, but if you would like to earn income from this ad network, you ought to have stable and solid traffic. In fact, unless you’ve got an honest traffic you can’t make money with any ad network. the foremost popular ad type is that the pop-under type.

Propeller Sign up

Go to the Propeller Ads Media Official website and click on on the “register as a publisher“. Once you finish the method of signing up, you’ll get the confirmation mail for the ads affiliate. After you verify your email address, you’ve got to feature your website to the network.

new ad website
new ad

To add your website, you only need to click on the ‘Add site‘. then , enter your website name (website address) and click on ‘Add site‘.

my sites

Then, you want to verify that it belongs to you. you only need to copy the code, which propeller network would really like to verify then paste the code on your website page in between the top tags. you’ll also upload the document file into your root of the web site so as to verify within the file format.

Don’t click on the verify button immediately, you’ve got to click the button after you enter the code in your WordPress editor. Now, copy the code and open the WordPress editor.

You can access this by getting to the WordPress dashboard and under the looks , you’ll find the editor.

In the editor, you’ll find the header.php file where you’ve got to enter the code.

No matter which theme you’re using you’ll always get the access to edit header.php file. There, you’ll find the highest tag at the top of the page

file content

Just enter the code you’ve got copied from the propeller ad verification step. After placing your code within the header tag you would like to update the file. you’re through with the primary step of verification by entering your code on the WordPress website Editor menu.

Once you updated the file and just come to the propeller network process and now click on ‘Verify’ (Make sure that you simply click on verify only after entering the code in WordPress editor).

And after you click ‘Verify’ you’ll be redirected to the page where you’ll see your all websites.

You can check your website status from the dashboard. If your website is under review, it’ll show you that your website isn’t verified yet until they’re checking whether it suits the wants .

When you are approved, you’ll get the confirmation message and therefore the yellow mark will show. Once your website is accepted, you’ll be ready to display the ads.

This ad network is legendary for the pop-under ad type, which is delivering the very best revenue from the all ad types.

This is how you’ve got to verify your website within the propeller ad network. It’s one among the foremost popular ad networking sites which is understood both amongst publishers and advertisers.

Once you finish the method , just sit back and relax. The network will take time to approve your website and then , you’ll show the ads.

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