How to Make an AdSense Friendly Website $100 to $500 Per Month

On This Page,You can easily know about How to Make an AdSense Friendly Website $100 to $500 Per Month.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targeted towards the site content and the audience.

Google AdSense-Introduction

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AdSense is an advertising program made by Google. It allows publishers to place ads on their blog or website or maybe Youtube. The publisher will get paid whenever someone clicks those ads.

AdSense plays a crucial role within the revenue of Google because nowadays there are many website monetized by Google Adsense. As a report says Google made quite $24 Billion from ads in just 2018.

There are many advertisers pays Google to point out their product in Google search and also the website’s monetized by Google Adsense.

In this way, Google plays the role of mediator between the Advertiser and the Publisher. So it’s very easy for both the advertiser and publisher to urge the benefit.

In simple words, Google AdSense charges the advertiser to market their product on your website and provides you commission for each click thereon ad placed on your site.

1. Working Structure Of Google AdSense

As we said above Google AdSense acts as a mediator between the Advertiser and therefore the Publisher. There are may advertisers want to market their product on your website. But it’s impossible for them to directly contact all the web site owner.

In this case, Google does those advertiser’s work easier by putting their ads on the publisher’s website. this manner the advertiser and publisher both get benefited.

If you’ve got an internet site and it’s approved by Google AdSense to point out ads thereon you only need to put the ad code on your site. this may display the foremost relevant ad on your site as per your content.

You can place Adsense ads anywhere on your site that we’ll further discuss. For that, you’ve got to read the entire article.

You just got to create ad code and paste it on your website and therefore the rest is completed by google. Google will collect the best-matched ad from its database and displays on your site consistent with your niche.

The more ad clicks on your site the more are going to be your earning. Google can pay you for each click made on your website’s ad.

Google decides what amount to pay you when someone clicks on an ad on your site. that’s called CPC or Cost Per Click. The CPC varies between country to country and the content type. we’ll discuss that later.

2. How Google Adsense Earns?

Google pays you simply 68% of the entire value of a click and keeps the remainder 32% as a profit. during this way, Google earns money through Adsense.

Let’s take an example: consider that your website contains an ad that has $1 CPC. So when any visitor clicks thereon ad then you’ll receive $0.68 and rest $0.32 are going to be taken by Google itself.

So the more visitors click on your ad the more are going to be your earning.

3. What not to Do With Google AdSense?

Nowadays Google has become smarter than before. So never attempt to cheat Google by clicking your own ad. Also, don’t tell your friends and relatives to try to to that for you.

Google’s algorithms will detect your unusual activities and ban your AdSense account within no time. then , you’ll not get any payment by Google for your website.

So always be loyal to Google.

How to Create An AdSense Friendly Website?

What can we mean by an Adsense Friendly Website? Well, there are many factors to consider while making an internet site from which you’re getting to make money using Adsense.

There are many customizations and rules to form an internet site Adsense Friendly in order that you never get suspended by Google. we’ll discuss all the principles here. So if you would like to understand the way to Make An AdSense Friendly Website that creates $100 to $500 Per Month, read this whole article.

1. what’s An AdSense Friendly Website?

If you would like to earn money using Google Adsense, you want to need a high-quality website that meets Google Adsense’s policies. in order that Google will allow your site to point out ads.

Before 3 to five years it had been very easy to approve your site for Google Adsense. But nowadays it’s not that much easy to urge approval by Google.

Now Google checks all the parameters made by them to approve your website. They also check your intention behind making the location . If you’ve got made the location only to earn money using Adsense then ditch it. you’ll not get approval.

So What a Google Adsense Friendly Website really Means? Let’s determine .

Your site must be equipped with high-quality content and also the planning of your site must be unique and user-friendly. Yes, design of your site matters tons while applying for Adsense. Google won’t allow a site which isn’t user-friendly to point out ads.

Your article should be written and must not contain any grammatical error or spelling mistake. For that, you’ll add an extension called Grammarly. it’ll assist you to detect any grammatical error or spelling mistake in order that you’ll fix it.

So the basic items to recollect before applying for Google AdSense is to possess a high-quality website with super relevant content.

2. While Making an internet site Always specialize in These:

  • Unique And User Engaging Content: within the blogging world, it’s always said that “Content is that the king”. So always write a content that’s easy to know and content every detail of your topic.
  • Make Your Site Device Friendly: Nowadays people like to browse from a compact device like mobile and tablet. So making your site device friendly are going to be an honest practice to stay your reader engaging. it’ll boost user experience on your site.
  • Easy To Navigate: Always, make a website that’s easy to navigate meaning a user can navigate throughout your site very easily. People don’t like websites with complicated navigation.
  • Make Your Site Super Fast: Speed of your site matters tons while involves batter user experience. Your website should load super fats in order that your user can access it quickly. it’ll also help in SEO. you’ll read the article on the way to Speed Up WordPress site.
  • Social Media: Always, create social media pages for your site. Facebook and Twitter will assist you to spice up traffic. So, link your social media pages together with your website.
  • Add Important Pages: If you would like to form money from Google AdSense you want to need to add some legal pages to your website like Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Contact Page, About Us.

These all are the foremost important rules to form an Adsense friendly website to form money. But always remember that Content is that the King. Without high-quality content, you’re not getting to earn one penny.

Google never gives approval to a fresh site having less or irrelevant content. you’ve got to figure hard to urge approval.

So before applying for Adsense confirm , your site has enough content and follows all the above mentions rules. Always write unique and detailed articles on your blog.

After, writing a minimum of 30 articles and designing your site, send your site for Adsense approval. you’ll definitely get approval after waiting some days.

3. sorts of Website:

There are many sorts of website you’ll make to earn money with the assistance of Google Adsense. you’ll make anybody of them.

  • Static Website: it’s a single-page website mainly specialise in a specific service. it’s the simplest website to form but you would like some coding knowledge to form it. There also are many tools available to assist you create these sorts of site. But getting AdSense approval is small difficult for these sort of site.
  • Multi-Niche Website: A multi-niche website covers all kinds of topics and not limited to one niche. for instance our own site It contains all the subject like Blogging, Digital Marketing, Tools, Tutorials, etc.
  • Single Niche Website: These are the kinds of internet sites that specialise in one niche. for instance Hostingmirror. during this website, we only specialise in hosting related articles. Nowadays these sorts of sites are very popular.
  • Micro-Niche Website: it’s a kind of website focused on one keyword and every one the contents of the websites revolves around that specific keyword. You fave to seek out a keyword with huge search volume and make a site on that. during this sort of website, you’ve got to figure for less than a couple of days. found out your site, rank it and earn money with Google Adsense.
  • Image Website: This sorts of websites are specially made to supply images to the user. There are many user searches for various images and many searches are made a day . So if you would like to form a picture website it’s going to be best decisions to form money with Adsense.

4. the way to Find Niche And Keyword For Your Website?

How much money you’re getting to make on Adsense? Its totally depends on your niche and keywords. you’ll get the CPC supported your keyword.

For example, if your site is said to insurance you get more CPC as compared to a star Wikipedia site. So choosing the proper niche is that the main part before making a blog.

You need to try to to proper keyword research before publishing a piece of writing on your website in order that it can rank on search engines.

There are some ways to try to to keyword research, some are free and a few are paid. Let’s mention both.

When involves free keyword research tool Google is that the best. It gives you a great many keyword suggestions absolutely free. Just type your keyword and click on space. you’ll get an inventory of related keywords people are checking out .

5. how to Find Search Volume Of A Keyword?

There are many tools available to find the search volume of any keyword. Let’s discuss one by one.

Keywords Everywhere:

It is the simplest keyword research tool available within the market. you only got to Install Keywords Everywhere extension to your chrome browser. it’ll show you the search volume of any keyword, Competition, and CPC.

For our keyword, it’s showing that its volume is 22000/month, CPC is $0.23 and competition is 0.68 which is extremely high. Always target keywords with less competition.

How to Make $100 each day Online from Google Adsense

makes dollors

Create Videos & Blog Posts That Promote one another

Once you’ve found out what quite blog and YouTube channel you would like to try to to , start creating content.

Then, you would like to cross promote them once they cover an equivalent subject.

Target Keywords with High Bids and Volume

When it involves keywords for your videos and blog posts, you’ll maximize Adsense earnings by going for:

  • High volume (for more traffic potential)
  • High bids (for high CPM and more earnings per thousand views)
  • Low competition (for a far better chance to rank in search results)

Follow YouTube Guidelines or Lose Money

It may seem obvious to follow the YouTube guidelines, avoid cursing, stay away from controversial topics, etc., but many of us make brands that do otherwise.

Sometimes these brands had best in spite of occasional demonetization of videos and such, but others bite the dust after their run of success involves an end.

With the way YouTube can change its ad policies to appease large companies at any given time, it is best to only start a channel that’s advertiser-friendly from the start.

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