How to Increase Your YouTube Adsense Revenue

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

Many people who first go on YouTube only think about one thing – making money. Money is good. Maybe it’s even really good. But there are many steps that you have ot take before your YouTube partner account starts to go anywhere, and you start increasing your YouTube Adsense Revenue. This guide will be broken down into four parts:

  1. Improving your videos
  2. Improving the ads
  3. Managing your channel
  4. Marketing off YouTube to increase viewership

1. Improve your YouTube videos

This is about more than just creating better videos, this is about creating a better environment for your videos. Sure, you need to create videos that people actually want to watch, but you also need to manage them in a way that creates a following.

YouTube friendly videos

Two of the most famous guys on YouTube are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox of the Smosh team. They got their start using cameras that would be embarrassed by your current smartphone’s camera. They had bad equipment, but they made great videos that appealed to their YouTube target market. I’m not saying that everyone has to jump around and act as goofy as they do, but some personality and fun go a long way in the YouTube world.

Have a schedule for your posts

Regular uploads, at a consistent time will not only build your audience quickly as they know when to come by and tune in, but it will also build your video library. At first you may only be making 50 cents off a video. If you have 5 videos uploaded over a 2 month span – you’re making no money. If you have 50 videos over that 2 month span you’ll start to see yourself gain some traction in both fan support and in increasing your YouTube Adsense money.

All of the highest YouTube earners have followed this strategy. The now retired (from YouTube) Ray William Johnson is a great example of this as he had a regular schedule, stuck to it, and created a wealth of content.

What needs to happen in the video and during the upload process

Every video you post will need to:

  • Effectively use SEO tactics. Fill out all the details in your description, tags, and title. Use keywords sparsely, but consistently.
  • Have an intro that quickly informs viewers about who you are. Don’t use it to annoy or misdirect.
  • Have calls to action that clearly illustrate what you want people to do. Are you trying to pump up your blog “Click the link to visit my blog.” Are you trying to grow your vlogging? “Click subscribe to follow my channel.” The YouTube pop-up text thing is important.

Each video is a new opportunity to meet someone for the first time. Make sure that you’re following this advice to 1- find them, 2 – tell them who you are, 3 – tell them what you want them to do. YouTube users expect this, they want this even, give it to them and they’ll give back.

A last point on your YouTube description

YouTube will display a small amount of information to users watching your video. This is the part of the description which must accurately talk about what happens in the video.

Below that is a “more” button. When users click on that, feel free to link to every blog you’re affiliated with, your websites, your social networks, and your momma if you want to. This is where users go to learn more about you. You want them to know more about you too, so give it to them!

Create your own thumbnails

Along the bottom of the upload screen you’ll see the three options for thumbnails that YouTube is giving you. Each of these three thumbnails share the common trait of being absolutely horrible. A few minutes with a graphic editing app can change that. Check out these great examples from well known YouTubers (left to right) Nice Peter, Epic Meal Time, How it Should Have Ended, and Smosh.

2. Improving the YouTube Adsense ads

You’re already a YouTube partner, right? Good. The first way to improve the ads showing is to improve your ranking in search engines. Keyword research for high ranking words in your industry or field is important. To put it simply: better keywords = more traffic = better ads showing = more YouTube ad money.

This point also relates directly to your tags. Tags are meant to connect videos together which are similar. With more and better connections established, you’ll have a better chance of being viewed. Keyword research is important!

Do not display ads within your video

Putting ads in your own video can lead to conflicts of interest with the advertisers you’re suppose to be working with. These partners can come and go while YouTube adsense is there to stay. Feel free to use calls to action to your own website, but don’t venture too far outside of this.

Also, don’t forget about your viewers in all this. They want to watch a bunch of ads about as much as they want to go back to watching TV on bunny ears. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Philip DeFranco has been working with more advertisers lately. He’s sure to choose those which fit his brand, and he works them into the video in a way that isn’t too obtrusive. sxephil is the exception here as he has long ago established his audience, a brand new channel can not get away with this.

3. Build your YouTube channel for long term viewership

Having successful videos is great, but you’ll never make serious YouTube adsense money unless you have a great channel. If your channel is in support of your blog, website, or company, make sure to carry over your logos and colors. This will help visually connect your two properties.

If your YouTube channel is all original, give it a style that carries over from your videos themselves, to your thumbnails, and to your overall theme. You can do this by:

  • Completing all of your profile information
  • Using a memorable cover photo that you customize
  • Customize the background color to match your color scheme

These steps may seem insequential, but they will build your channel into a place where people come back to and recognize right away. This cuts down on the one hit wonder phenomenon, and increases your YouTube Adsense revenue.

Check out Jenna Marble’s memorable header image. It shows her, has unique colors, links to her other social profiles, and likely has one too many dogs.

Vary how your videos are presented

Different YouTube users are going to want different things from your channel. Some may not know you well and will only want to invest in a short video. You biggest fans can watch longer videos on the plus side of 10 minutes. Those with some time may want to sit back and watch a bunch of your videos in a row.

Plan for this by:

  • Creating videos of varying lengths. YouTube users look at the time stamp on the bottom of videos to figure out if they want to take the time to watch your video.
  • Create video playlist of your series. Over time you will likely build up videos on different topics. Put together a playlist of these so that your biggest fans, or binge watchers, can just sit back and watch it all when they feel like it.

There is no “one video size fits all” solution. Varying lengths and creating playlists will help you find viewers with different needs, increasing your views on YouTube overall, and earning you some more YouTube adsense revenue.

Create a community

The most successful YouTubers didn’t build their YouTube adsense earnings on expensive video equipment, they built it with their fans. You can do this by:

  • Asking for your fans to comment in the comment section
  • Respond to some of the best comments directly
  • Create regular video updates that talk to your fans about what they’re bringing up
  • Doing video responses to other people’s videos

This helps your fans feel like they’re part of what’s going on. This keeps them coming back as they feel a connection, and the content you produce by addressing their concerns is some easy work!

Here’s the most successful YouTube subscription getter in the business showing you how it’s done with lots of silliness and SOME SWEARING (so maybe NSFW) – you have been warned about Fridays with PewDiePie.

4. Your marketing plan off YouTube

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just do everything right in YouTube and all of our wildest dreams came true? Sigh. Here are some tactics to use off YouTube to market your videos and channel, and increase your YouTube earnings.

Embed your videos in blog posts

This goes triple for those who are trying to promote their blog! A reason for this is because blogs are such keyword rich platforms, where YouTube doesn’t offer much in the way of opportunity. Doing this will allow you to:

  • Let fans on that platform know about your videos
  • Associate your video with the SEO work done on you blog, and on your YouTube SEO efforts
  • Increased your chances for views and shares as your video is hosted in another location

Don’t forget, you know, the rest of the internet outside of YouTube to get your videos out there. Partnering up with other bloggers is how you built your blog, partner up with them again to get our videos out there. You’ll get some promotion, they’ll get some video content that people enjoy watching – you both win!

A sure way to make this partnership happen is by shooting a video response to a post of theirs. They can use it for a whole new post, or embed it into the original post.

Video content and social media make a perfect couple

Videos are starting to take over even photos as the most popular content shared. Watching your video, sharing your video, and getting their friends to view it too. Be sure to meet the needs of each social platform:

  • Facebook and Google+ have great video previews. Every YouTube video looks good on them
  • Twitter will help you promote one video at a time. You can’t try to pitch your whole channel in a single tweet.
  • Instagram and Pinterest are tough on videos. Pinterest really only welcomes DIY content, and crafting or home improvement. Instagram will thrive on exceptional images, but videos are seen as a bit of a nuisance.
  • Vine is a whole new monster, the Twitter of video if you will. If you have 6 seconds of a great clip from your video, put it up and direct viewers to the rest of it.

Blogging and vlogging go hand in hand. Increasing your YouTube adsense, and bringing your blog visitors up, can be accomplished by following the four points above – and making great videos!

How to Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Account

Many businesses are using YouTube to draw attention to their brand and products. While creating a channel and uploading a few videos is a great start, you have to do a little more work to drive traffic to your account. Without views, all the time you spent planning and filming becomes worthless. By focusing on creating attention-grabbing videos and marketing what you upload, you can increase your view count and gain steady YouTube traffic for your business.

It’s All About Your Audience

While a video is engaging, your conversation with your target audience shouldn’t stop when your video ends. Take the time to respond to viewers’ comments and suggestions. You can even ask viewers for their opinions and ideas for new videos at the end of each video you upload. The more engaged a viewer feels, the more likely they are to share the video and come back for more.

Spread the Word

If you’re just getting started on YouTube, it may take several videos or more before your traffic grows naturally. If you already have a website or social media presence, link to the videos on your blog and social accounts. Bookmark sites are also perfect for drawing attention to your latest videos.

Meet and Greet

Browse through YouTube and find other channels that are related to your own. You can add featured channels to your video pages that give your viewers more content to check out. By partnering with another channel, that creator adds you as a featured channel as well, giving you more exposure. Both channels benefit and your viewers are introduced to related businesses.

The Straight and Narrow

YouTube ranks videos partially on how long they are played. For instance, if viewers click off a video after the first 30 seconds, but watch the full three minutes of your competitor’s video, your competitor’s video will rank higher for the same keywords. Your video should stay on topic without fluff that may distract the viewer and drive them away.

Not-So-Secret Optimization Secrets

YouTube gives every user numerous ways to optimize their content, such as tags, descriptions and video titles. Use these sections to add-in relevant keywords. If you have a short transcript, you can even upload it to help search engines find your videos. Take advantage of annotations to add a call to action, link to products or even link to other relevant videos. You can also optimize the look and feel of your channel to better represent your brand.

Don’t Spice Things Up

While it may be tempting to be sporadic with your uploads and types of videos, YouTube viewers prefer regularity. Create a schedule for uploading videos. Try to keep your videos to an average length, so viewers know what to expect. If you use both entertaining and informative videos, alternate uploads or upload one of each type every week. The more predictable you are, the more often viewers come back.

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