How to Increase your Blog Income Without a Traffic Increase

On This Page,You can easily know about How to Increase your Blog Income Without a Traffic Increase.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

So In this post, I will tell You some practical steps to make More Money from Your Blog without an increase in blog traffic, but before then; I must tell You that traffic plays a major role in the amount of Money You make from Your blog, in most cases, what differentiates a blogs earning from that of another Blog is the traffic, so the Importance of traffic in making more money from your Blog should not be underestimated.

But in some rare cases, we see Blogs with huge amount of traffic whose earning potential are yet to be maximized, just a few months ago, I was working On a clients site and I noticed that his blog was generating about a million Hit per month, yet this dude makes less than 20 dollars from his Blog Monthly, I was surprised, because, the amount I make from each of my blogs is more than that, yet I am not getting a quarter of his Monthly traffic.

So if you are getting about or More than 10k page views daily from your blog and yet, your Blogs Income is still very low, then this post is for you, but if you are getting less than 10k and yet Your are reading how to make more money from your Blog without an increase in traffic, it might just be a waste of time, you’d better focus more On Your traffic and then come back to read this.

Install Google Analytics On Your blog 

I have seen instances where some bloggers claim they are getting 10,000 visits or More on their Blog when even in the real sense, they are getting Bots traffic not human traffic.

So the first step in increasing your Blog’s income is to install Google analytics On your blog, it is one of the best traffic stat tools you should use for Blog.

Google Analytics will help you to ascertain the correct number of Human Hits your Blog is getting Monthly; depending On Blogger’s stat for those using Blogger blog or A stat plugin for those using WordPress will Not help, all they do is give You useless Hope.

Let me tell You a very small But funny Story, I was coaching a guy on How to setup a WordPress Blog, he installed it and made Just a single Post, the following day, he emailed me and told me that he received Over 20,000 page views over night On that single Post and that he as Over 200 comments awaiting moderation.

Lolz. I guess I don’t need to complete the story. So what I am driving out is that you need to Know the Number of REAL HUMAN traffic your Blog is generating.

Draw a Business Plan

Most Bloggers don’t treat their Blog as a business, not until you treat Your Blog as a business You will make little or nothing from It. A business plan is just an outline of what you want to do for Your blog and what you Want your blog to do for you. And what did you Want Your Blog to do For You??

Study the type of readers you want on your Blog, add more pressure to Your marketing strategy, look through your traffic stat, look out those days you have the highest Number of earnings, where did they come from, what did you do On such days??? Ask yourself!

Look Out similar blogs in your Niche 

Look out other blogs from your Niche and how they make money from their Blog, mere adding Adsense codes on your Blog might be the reason for Your low income.

I must confess To you that Adsense those Not perform excellently on all blogs, perhaps the best way To monetize Your Blog is through affiliate marketing, why not remove AdSense ads for a while and try affiliate marketing.

 Fine Tune Your Marketing Strategy

Fine tuning your marketing strategy is different from changing Your marketing Strategy In the sense that you retain the same marketing strategy you have been using on Your Blog but you make few changes to it.

Let’s say, your Blog depends solely on Adsense as a source of your blog income, to fine tune that, you change your ads Placement, try different ads type and look out Those performing excellently.

If you make money from your blog through affiliate marketing, you can change the type of affiliate Products You promote, perhaps Your Blog readers are tired of it or they’ve heard it from several other Bloggers, you can also change from promoting Plugin to ebooks, or from Ebooks to Membership Site, it all depends On you and make sure you measure how these changes affect your blog income.

How to increase blogging income

There are many ways bloggers can generate income with their blogs. As a matter of fact, I have written about 15 ways bloggers make money. We are going to pick some of these, add some more juice and watch as the results come rushing.

1) Affiliate Marketing

I know what’s on your mind. I know you’ve tried affiliate marketing before. You got little or near zero results.

Here is something even more annoying:

You see some bloggers showcasing their income reports with affiliate marketing taking the lead.

You’ve done your best but no good, right?

But trust me, if you start doing affiliate marketing differently, you will start seeing results.

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting the products/services of other companies and getting paid a commission. How do you do this differently?

But here is what’s commonly done:

  • Sign up for affiliate marketing platforms
  • Grab banners and hang them on your blog (sidebar or content area)
  • Do affiliate product review posts
  • Send emails to your subscribers with affiliate links
  • Add affiliate links to random articles
  • Etc.

These are traditional methods and yes, they produce results.

But let’s add a tweak to them.

a) Affiliate product review—Doing it differently

I have generated (and am still generating) income with this method. You simply pick an affiliate product, write about it on your blog, highlighting its features and uses with the hope to convert readers to buyers.

Of course, you may get sales. But here are things to do in order to make the difference:

  • Grab a copy of the product—Some product developers will be glad to give you a free review copy. On the contrary, you should purchase a copy.
  • Use the product and gain some experience—That’s the best way to possess convincing materials to psychologically get your readers to buy a product.
  • Share your results with your readers – Human beings are programmed to emulate what works for others. If you use the product and get some good results that’s a strong sales factor.
  • Teach your readers the how— Do multiple blog posts, showing your readers how you got the results. Show them the various steps and tricks. Teach them to get the same results.

Trust me, this will work. You will increase your blogging income as many of your readers start wanting to be as successful as you.

b) Problem-solving and new technologies

Here is something that’s really getting hot.

Do you have a problem that’s being faced by your readers? That’s a big money-making opportunity.

If you are blogging in the health sector, you may want to do a blog post on how to cure a yeast infection at home.

If well targeted, 2% or more of your readers will prefer some over-the-counter products. That’s where affiliate marketing comes in.

Another good example of computer technology:

I know a couple of computer tech bloggers. If you are one of them, this is going to work well for you.

If you know of a virus that’s threatening, do a blog post on how to manually dig into the computer registry and get rid of this virus. At the same time, recommend an antivirus that will clean their system with the click of the mouse button.

The simple truth is that not everyone reading your post will try the registry tricky solution. They are simply going to download your recommended software and you’ll make sales.

How about new tech?

New technologies come up every day and some of these allow us to make money with affiliate marketing.

What you should do is provide content to educate your readers on the new technology. Often, some of these tech developments come with software to power them. With an affiliate program that’s a way for you to make massive earnings.

2) List building differently

“The money,” they say “is in the list” and that’s true.

Besides the money, there is traffic. Each time I mail my list, there is a spike in my traffic and I just love it.

But how do you do the list building differently?

Use Content Upgrades.

But what are they?

These are lead magnets created specifically for particular blog posts. This makes list created with this strategy very targeted.


Because you tap into a community of readers who are targeted to a particular subject treated in the blog post.

Content Upgrade is based on the Zeigarnik Effect, which states those who start are more likely to finish the process.

Unlike pop-up sign-up forms that are triggered without readers’ consent, the content upgrade comes up when a user clicks on the link or an image.

Sue has written a post series on list building. Check out her blog post on content upgrades.

3) Sponsored Reviews

In affiliate product review posts, you write about products and link to them to your affiliate links. On the other hand, you can get outright payment from product owners to review their products. This is called a ‘Sponsored Review’

In some cases, product owners allow you to use your affiliate links. But that won’t be the case if they want some link juice from your blog.

How much money you make per sponsored article depends on a couple of factors:

  • The product reviewed
  • Your blog popularity
  • Your traffic source
  • Your site’s domain authority
  • Your power to bargain
  • Your brand
  • Etc

But you can do sponsored posts differently to earn more income from it.


Offer a package to your advertisers. Add something to the sponsored article to make it irresistible. Here is what I’m thinking:

Sponsored Posts plus banner space.

Selling banner space is another way to make money from your blog. You can sell space on sidebars, below, within or above post content.

But if you combine the charm of sponsored posts with banner space, you make your advertisers love it.

For each advertiser that pays you X amount for a sponsored post, you offer a banner space as a bonus for 30 days.

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