How To Increase Google Adsense CPC

On This Page,You can easily know about How To Increase Google Adsense CPC.

You may say that AdSense CPC (cost-per-click) rates will depends on the advertisers bidding (Automatic and Manual) for your site/blog. Accordingly, you have not directly control over the CPC rates and therefore you should have to care about some areas which indirectly helps to increase the CPC rates.

The types of Increase Google Adsense CPC are:

1. Link Your AdSense Account with Google Analytics for higher CPC Rates

Yes, this is the latest simple trick I applied last month and got an increased CPC rates reflected in my AdSense performance report. In Google Analytics AdSense report you will find the particular webpage which gets more clicks except the sources generating more revenue for your site.

That means you may filter the report to find out which webpage have greater CPC rates in compare to others using MS Excel. Thus, you have to write more contents related to that particular webpage topic which have higher CPC rates. However, if you are not familiar with MS-Excel then hire me at a reasonable cost.

2. Create Custom Channel for Ad Units to increase CPC Rates

This is one of my preferred tips to increase my AdSense CPC. the main reason behind creating custom channel is to get more targeted ads for the webpage of your sites/blogs. More targeted ads means more bidders/advertisers resulting more amount of money they have to allow paying cost-per-click by them for appearing on particular a webpage.

3. Enable both Image and Text Ads types to get High CPC Rates

Generally, there are five types of AdSense Ads viz. Text, Image, Animated image, Rich media and Flash. All those Ad types are categorized into two types one is Text Ads and another is Display Ads.

I strongly, recommend all of you to enable both Text & Display Ads types for your all AdSense Ad Units. it will increase the number of advertisers to your site ensuing higher CPC rates for them.

4. Get Quality Traffic

 Get Quality Traffic

Many people use AdSense on their sites in the assumption that Google will provide relevant advertising. As you will learn shortly, this is true. However, while you might believe wrongly that your CPC won’t change due to a failure to achieve this relevancy to your page, your CTR certainly will. Few will click on an ad not related to the keyword or phrase they used to get to your site.

Google uses many metrics when deciding what websites get the top paying clicks, and one of these is almost sure to be your CTR for the ads they provide. the higher the CTR for a URL, then the higher CPC you’re likely to get when your AdSense ads are refreshed on that page URL.

Google’s AdSense customers are the advertisers, and the company will do whatever it can to make sure that these paying advertisers get good value for money – or a good conversion rate from clicks. If you do not attract visitors to an online page or blog post that have a strong interest in the topic of the page or post, then your CTR can be low. Read our publication to increase your blog traffic.

5. Analyze Your Ad Placement

You can place ads right at the highest of your page, in the middle, at the bottom as a footer on every page or anywhere else you wish. Google usually offers you the highest paid ads it’s prepared to offer you to the first slot loaded. Are you aware of the loading order of each element on your blog or website page? If not, check your source code (Ctrl+U) or concern with your theme developer.

The first AdSense block that appears in the source file will be the first that Google finds. That block will usually be given the highest CPC adverts, with lower CPC ads being provided in those blocks loading later.

6. Improving Your AdSense CTR for Higher Online Income

We have explained that your AdSense Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of visitors to your page that click on an AdSense advert. So, if you have 20,000 visitors each month, and you get 40 clicks on AdSense ads, your CTR is 0.2% if you get 500 clicks on ads, your CTR is 2.5%. irrespective of the CPC, you want your CTR to be as high as possible.

We provided some income examples at the start of this blog post, and here are some more. If the average CPC paid by Google to you is 40c, then the above examples would give you a monthly income of $16 and $200. If you’ll increase your CPC to 80c, then you earn $32 to $400 monthly . The greater your CTR the better for you – you’ve got more control over this with ad placement than you’ve got over CPC!

Some people make thousands monthly using AdSense on multiple sites. However, even with one blog, you’ve got no reason to not maximize your income by using some basic common sense: place your AdSense ads on those areas of your website or blog on which people tend to spend most time.

7. Change the Layout of your Site to increase CPC Rates

Every website owner wants to create a site which looks totally different from other site i.e. the blog/site should be unique. Further, they also allot different slot for the AdSense Ads in accordance with their own preferred space. Many of them get confused what should be the layout of their blog that fits for Google AdSense. Google AdSense has provided a standard layout for showing advertisements and therefore you’ll change the layout of your site accordingly.

According to best practice for ad placement as prescribed by AdSense, the location layouts that highlight content shall be regarded as example rather the site layout that pushes content below the fold. Thus, you should not place your all three AdSense ads above the fold. This practice may increase CPC rates for Ads that has been placed on the brink of the content that your site visitors/users are interested in.

8. Niches and Keywords that affects CPC Rates

You can’t ignore the fact that Google AdSense is mainly for content ads and therefore the niche and topics of your site may impact on the CPC rates of AdSense Ads. Don’t worry you need not search for and buy the highest paying keywords. Just visit your Google Analytics account which has been linked from your Google AdSense account and under Acquisition menu click on Keyword to see the organic keywords used by users to reach your blog/site. Now, you’ll filter the very best CPC keywords after exporting all keyword report to MS-Excel document.

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