How to Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content AdSense Violation

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

What is scraping in blogging?

Some of the webmasters from us, use content, taken (scraped) from other sites. they only modify it slightly, use some synonyms and republish it. this is often not tolerable by Google. they need authentic content from you.

Sites from which contents taken are reputable sites in most cases.

Examples of scraped content include:

1. Without adding any original content or value, sites that replicate and republish content from other sites. this is often really not acceptable if you would like to travel along side your blogging career.

2. Sites that replicate content from other websites, modify it slightly, and republish it.

3. Without providing some sort of unique organization or benefit to the user, Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites.

4. Sites that are dedicated to embedding content like video, images, or other media from different sites without adding substantial value to the visitor. you would possibly have seen a website where they only embed youtube popular videos.

Why webmasters perform scraping on their blogs?

Uniqueness matters for Google and for each reader out there on the web . So, producing unique, authentic, correct and valuable information for readers will always be fruitful for you and your blog both in long-term blogging.

If you copy from some big website just to supply good articles on your site in order that , your AdSense is approved otherwise you can accumulate some traffic isn’t an honest idea.

Process to repair valuable inventory scraped content AdSense violation

After all, this is often a really easy task if you’ve got understood what’s scraping within the above paragraph.

Now, you only need to remove all those scraped contents from your website or blog, if you actually wanna resolve this Adsense violation.

To fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content violation just follow all the rules provided below –

1. confirm your blog has unique contents i.e avoid content scraping. All the articles should be written by themselves. If you’re getting help from a writer then confirm to see your content for plagiarism.

2. don’t embed or attach unnecessary files to your blog content. Especially i will suggest you to not use any copyrighted images, videos or other data. Always attempt to add images and files created by you simply .

You should also avoid using stock images taken from Pixabay, Canva or the other websites.

3. focus on the originality of the content – it’s worthwhile to offer a while in writing your content. Write long articles if possible, because if you write a brief article you’ll get valuable Inventory no content violation.

4. Remove the excessive advertisements from your posts and pages. i will suggest you to not use any sort of ads before going for AdSense approval

5. Maintain a niche between ads and content. Otherwise, it’ll appear as if you would like the user to click on the ads. In other words, you’re increasing the probabilities of accidental clicks. So, avoid that.

6. don’t add ads on those pages which have less content or no content. Like Login, registration or search pages.

Why We Got Valuable Inventory Error?

  • Copied Content.
  • Spin / Rewrite Content.
  • Sitemap Error / Not Found.
  • No Minimum Content
  • Not Mobile-Friendly.
  • Coding Error.
  • Index Issue.

How to Fix Valuable Inventory: Scraped Content?

In this time many bloggers face Valuable Inventory Scraped Content error. i know peoples want to form money, always they try to seek out alternative ways to earn money easily.

content error

After some research on YouTube and Google, they find how to form a handsome amount of cash online, which is Blogging and Affiliate marketing.

No got to considered the backend, I mean the thought is “How do I write an article?”, “Do I even have any qualifications to write down an article?”, etc.

They use some 3rd party tools to get articles from the article directory this is often extremely wrong and therefore the generated articles are totally meaningless.

Or some webmasters copied content from other sites then just modified it slightly, use some synonyms and published it. this is often the incorrect way. Google wants authentic and genuine content from you.

In my suggestion, the one n only thanks to fix the precious inventory scraped content that’s honesty, Write a piece of writing by yourself, don’t copy or rewrite another blogger valuable article.

Don’t use article generator tool to get articles from a piece of writing directory. it’s an entire waste of some time .

If you’re trying to get Adsense approval on lyrics, quotes or similar quite niche, I suggest you modify your niche, you’ll always find yourself with the scraped content error.

How to Fix Valuable Inventory No Content?

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content is is that the most common issue for new bloggers.

Some reasons to happened this sort of error like:

  • once you don’t properly create your blog/website sitemap.
  • Maybe your all article not index in google search console.
  • Limited amount of post before applying for Google Adsense.
Valuble inventary - No content

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