How to Boost Google Adsense Revenue by Increasing Ads CTR

On This Page,You can easily know about How to Boost Google Adsense Revenue by Increasing Ads CTR.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

What is Adsense CTR?

CTR is the relationship between impressions and clicks: out of the number of times your ad or search result is shown to a visitor, how often users click it. Basically, click through rate is the number of times an ad is clicked divided by the number of times the page or ad unit is viewed.

CTR = No. of clicks / No. of exposures

CTR% = No. of clicks * 100 / No. of exposures

So, for instance, an advertisement on your website is viewed by 100 people. If 5 of them click on the ad, your CTR would be 5 percent. With a PPC Model, the higher the CTR percentage is, the better earnings your site will generate for you.

Why is AdSense CTR important?

Click-through-rate is the most important and heavily weighted part of quality score. What is the first thing Google looks to while trying to get the feedback of users on advertising text? The answer is CTR!

If a particular ad has a higher click-through-rate, it means that the majority of the users find it useful and relevant to what they are searching. Relevancy is the second most important component. Google considers the relevancy of your keyword to an advertisement. Similarly, Google uses CTR to understand the relevancy of an advertisement to your website and maintains a quality profile for your website.

Sites with very low CTR, could be considered poor in terms of quality (exceptions being there) while the sites with very high CTR, are suspected for activities against google’s policies and have to go through automated and manual reviews.

Tips to Increase Adsense CTR

It is clear by now that having good CTR can help in revenue optimization. But before we talk about revenue, it is important to increase CTR. Therefore, outlined below are some tricks you can follow to get desired results.

1. Epic Content

This is the most important tip anyone can give you for increasing your click-through-rate. Great content brings more visitors, resulting in more revenue. Rather than creating countless useless sites made just for making some quick bucks, take some time out and build impressive content for your blog. Writing high-quality will not only help with your click-through-rate, but will also allow you to leverage premium SEO. Moreover, it will allow Google to place targeted ads on your blog for your audience. Having more relevant ads is the only way to lure your visitors to click them and boost your overall earning.

2. Advertisement Placement

You need to test different placements, positions, and combinations for advertisements on your blog. Avoid putting ads on random positions, since it will have a negative impact on CTR and your earnings. What you should be doing is trying out different colors, types, and sizes of ads in order to see what works best for your website.

Moreover, you need to keep switching the ad positions. Since your loyal readers visit your blog regularly, they start ignoring ads if they are placed in the same position all the time. This is known as the banner blindness. Periodic change in the placement of ads is the only way to cope with this problem.

Additionally, you should pay attention to suggestions from Google. While the majority of bloggers ignore them, you should ideally read what they have to say and then test if it’s correct.

3. Remove Unwanted Ads

Do you have a lot of posts or pages? Just remove all those ads from the places that do not convert (use heatmaps!) and have very low CTR. De-clutter your blog. After doing this you’ll see that clicks are no more wasted through unwanted, crappy posts.

4. Suitable Keywords

Keywords play a very important role in gaining search engine traffic. Since visitors coming from search engines contribute the most to CTR, it is vital for you to understand the importance of choosing the right keywords.

5. Improve your Quality Score

Quality Score is a metric tracked in Google Ads that gives each keyword in your account a score from 0 to 10. It’s a measure of the relevance and quality of your advertising. the likelihood that Google predicts someone will click on your ad, and an assessment of the experience the user will have if they click through to your site.

If you are not familiar with Quality Score, then this has to be the most important place for you to start. Ads with high Quality Scores achieve higher rankings, cost the advertiser less per click, and because they have a more prominent position on the page, are likely to have a higher click through rate. Here is Google’s guide to Quality Score.

There are many factors that influence your Quality Score, from the relevance of your PPC landing pages to the topicality of your ad copy by displaying the keyword in your ad headline, your ad copy, and the ad URL.

6. Use the best ad extensions

Currently there are around 10 types of ad extensions. Usually not all of them are applicable to every campaign you’ll run, however if you’re not taking advantage of all the different extensions then you’re missing out. Using the full range of extensions increases the size of your ads and makes them appear more relevant, which you’ve guessed it, improves the click through rate.There are other benefits as well, see 5 ways google ad extensions can improve your Adwords campaigns article here.

7. Utilise smart bidding strategies

With the rise of automation, Google Ads really has stepped up it’s game with smart bidding strategies.

The beauty of smart bidding is that Google will automate when your ads appear, with a view to only entering your ad in auctions where you are more likely to get a click

By entering more precise, more targeted auctions, you will get a higher click through rate.

Gone are the days of automated bidding meaning manual with enhanced CPC. There are now fully fleshed out, smart bidding strategies available that admittedly might not be perfect but used correctly they can improve your ads performance drastically. The main benefit of these new strategies is that they offer auction time bidding which basically means they use machine learning to adjust the bids of your keywords in each and every single auction. Since every auction is different it simply isn’t possible to do this manually.

8. Test different ad types

You don’t have to stick to just expanded ad types anymore. Responsive text ads have been shown to increase click through rates. They have the added advantage of being able to use more than just the 3 headline fields and the 2 description fields in expanded search ads. This increases your chances of showing a more relevant ad for a relevant search.

Pay close attention to the previews as you create these, if a certain headline doesn’t look right in the headline 1 position you can pin it to only show in second or third position. Similarly if you only want a certain headline to show in the headline 1 position you can pin it to the 1st position.

The ad strength box above the previews also suggests ways for you to improve your ad and this updates every time you make changes to the ad. This will help you create a better quality ad.

9. Write compelling ad copy

You should be writing compelling ad copy that stands out from your competitor’s adverts. If your ad copy is interchangeable with your competition then your CTR is likely to suffer.

Try to highlight your unique selling points, why should people click your ad and not your competitors? What do you offer that the others don’t? Keep these USP’s in mind when you’re writing your adverts.

10. Create tightly themed keyword groups

All the options in the Google Ads interface are designed to encourage you to add multiple keywords into your account and into your Ad Groups. The problem with this is that having lot of keywords in one single AdGroup impacts on the relationship between advert text and keywords in each ad group.

When people search for a keyword in your ad group containing more than 20 keywords, the advert that appears is not very likely to contain the keyword the user is searching for. The end result is that the click through rates and quality scores of your keywords and adverts are adversely affected.

The solution is to tightly group themes or keywords into smaller groups and make sure that the advert copy contains the keywords at least twice if possible.

11. Split test advert copy

Google Ads gives you the tools you need to run experiments in your campaigns. One type of experiment is a split test, where you create different variations of your ad copy.

When it comes to split testing your adverts you should be trying to do this with 2 or 3 ads in each ad group.

By creating variations on your adverts you are able to test which ads get the highest proportion of clicks.

Once they’ve run for an acceptable amount of time you can then pause the worst performing one and create another variation to split test it again.

Remember to switch off the worst performing ads when you create new ones so you don’t end up with too many ads in the ad group! Too many ads will lead to much poorer ad relevance and CTR.

12. Highlight pricing in ad copy

So this one is mainly for ecommerce websites and yes it’s true that you have ad extensions to do this but adding the price of a product in the advert copy can often improve CTR.

Especially if your price is lower than that of your competition and this is immediately evident when someone sees yours and their ads side by side.

Why does it work? It works because it gives the person seeing your ad additional information without them having to do anything yet (like click your ad). The easier you make it for people to see your offers the more likely they are to consider clicking your ad and even purchasing.

13. Use remarketing audiences

A remarketing campaign enables you to serve perfect ads tailored to specific users. For example, you could choose to serve a specific ad to a visitor who has looked at a particular product or service on your website.

You can choose to target visitors who are already familiar with your brand, or you can create specific ads to upsell more products to existing customers.

Our job as a publisher is to earn a better income from google Adsense to increase the value of CTR, here are some tips to increase the value of Google Adsense CTR :

# Adsense Ads Layout

The best position for Adsense is to place Adsense ads at strategic points within the pages of your blog or site. the strategic point is an area within the blog page that allows you get a lot of attention of visitors, by putting AdSense ads on the location is allegedly a great opportunity to get more clicks of visitors. What’s the best placement AdSense ads? Above Articles after the title, this can be the starting point of visitors when reading the contents of post articles and can be a strategic location for google AdSense.

# Above title ad

on the sidebar, sidebar is usually where to install blog widgets like popular post, category, newlatter. this can be used as a second alternative by visitors to see articles that are considered interesting by them, and sidebar location can be a strategic location to place adsense ads. Under After posting, this location is also great for putting adsense ads, visitors will generally read the article to the limit of the article, we should use to put adsense ads, at the end of the end of the article, so that ads will have a better chance clicked.

# Ad Color

Using the right colors will help make your AdSense ad units more visible to visitors to your site. Color also plays an important role in whether to make visitors click, or stay away from advertising.

# Ad style

Choose a color that matches the color theme of the website but made a little striking for adsense ads more visible and can get special attention from visitors.

# Ad Size Formats

Use the right ad format, one ad with another has different sizes depending on the advertiser when they register, usually between ads with one ad and another will have different click value (CPC).

# AdSense layout AdSense ads

As a publisher we should be able to choose ads that are widely held by advertisers or publisher. When the form of advertising a lot of competition, the CPC value for these ads will increase and in general that will be displayed on many relevant pages are ads that have high CPC value.

# Use AdSense search

Most websites on the web today are using the Content Management System (CMS) concept, including blogs or wordpress, and one thing in common is that they provide search functionality for site content. Replace with AdSense for search, thus through the facility we can increase the value of CTR to be better, even I see some famous sites from abroad use the facilities of search adsense.

# Select Image and text ads

Ad type as a publisher we are given the freedom to make choices about the ad units we post, we can choose images, text or combine both images and text, so the ads will alternately displaying display ads and iklant text only. To get a better CTR value should be when we decide to choose an ad format, choose an ad format with images and text so that the ads are more varied and can increase clicks from visitors.

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