How To Add Amazon Native Ads To WordPress

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Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

Amazon is an E-commerce powerhouse. By the top of 2021, Amazon is projected to succeed in 39.7% in market share or $302.36 billion in U.S retail e-commerce sales. So if you would like to accompany Amazon and make money with WordPress, its affiliate program should be the primary one you want to choose . it’s giving publishers an opportunity to earn money through Native Shopping Ads. this text speaks about the way to add Amazon native ads to WordPress site.

Amazon ad may be a relatively easier choice to use. Anyone can hook up with amazon and obtain relevant personalized ads. aside from that, it offers three different options to settle on from. Each native shopping ad format comes with its own features and configurations.

What are Amazon Native ads?

A native shopping ad is that the ad form that automatically adjusts to the contents and therefore the nature of the web site where it’ll be displayed. Amazon’s native shopping ads offer dynamic and relevant recommendations within the sort of responsive ad units. One may place it at the top or within the contents. It creates a far better viewer experience and increases shopping opportunities.
Ad Inserter plugin because it may be a free plugin for WordPress.

Amazon native ads

An Amazon native ad is just a block of Javascript code that you simply increase your webpage to display ads. After you place the codes on your blog, it scans the contents of the page. Then, it generates and displays product ads supported the keywords utilized in the article. These ads are responsive and fit all the screen sizes.

There are three types of Amazon native ads

  • Recommendation Ads – this sort of ad allows Amazon to recommend the simplest product matches for your website supported your content and site visitors.
  • Search Ads – this sort of ad allows you to urge recommendations from Amazon supported an enquiry phrase that you simply decide for yourself.
  • Custom Ads – this sort of ad allows you to specify the sort of products you would like to market on your site.

Key benefits of using amazon native ads

  • Responsive ads
  • Relevant product recommendation
  • Flexibility in ad placement options
  • Easy implementation

If you’re interested and need to understand the way to add amazon ads to my blog, read on for a few easy ways to try to to it.

How to add Amazon native ads to WordPress 

Since Amazon’s native ads are a comparatively new program, many of us aren’t clear about the way to use them. we’ve laid out a step by step guide about the way to add an amazon native ad WordPress for you. Here we’ll specialise in recommendation ads. But with an equivalent process, you’ll be ready to create the opposite two types also .

Adding Amazon native ads to WordPress is extremely easy. Anybody can roll in the hay even with none coding knowledge.

Here are the steps you would like to follow to feature Amazon native ads to your WordPress website-

The first and foremost thing you would like to possess during this respect is that the Amazon Ad Code that you simply need to take from the Amazon Associate portal. you’ll got to integrate this code into WordPress website.

For adding codes to WordPress, you would like a WordPress advertising plugin. WP AdCenter may be a powerful WordPress Ads Plugin where you’ll control every aspect of advertising on any WordPress powered website.

WP AdCenter- Solution for WordPress Ads Management

There are many platforms which will provide you with ads relevant to your content. But, the way to manage and control them on your site may be a concern. this is often where the WP AdCenter WordPress Advertising plugin comes into the image .

To Install the plugin:

  • Download the zip file from
  • Log in because the WordPress Admin of your website.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add new upload plugin
  • Choose the plugin file to upload.
  • Install & Activate the plugin.

Read- the way to use the WP AdCenter plugin for a billboard Solution to find out the way to start with the plugin and update the overall settings. Follow the steps below to find out the way to add the Ad codes to your WordPress site:

1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard > WPAdCenter > Create Ads
2. Add a title to the ad that you simply are going to be displaying
3. Select the Ad Type as Ad Code

ad type as ad code

4. Ad Code- Provide the Amazon Ad code, which can be rendered as a billboard.

5. Now create a block for “WP AdCenter” as per your preference.

WP Adcentre

Save all of your settings and visit your website to ascertain Native Shopping Ads in action. you would possibly need to await a few of minutes and a couple of reloads to start out seeing highly relevant ads on your site.

Now that you simply realize this WordPress Ads Manager plugin, you’ll download the free WPAdCenter plugin and obtain started. you’ll download this WordPress ads management plugin here. aside from displaying amazon ads and on your blog, you’ll also start monetizing your website by displaying AdSense ads.

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