How To Add AdSense In-Feed Ads To Blogger

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In feed ads visible someone scroll the website feed, it can be placed in between the post feeds to interact the visitors with ads. this will help generating high CTR, CPC and use engagements.Adsense Introduce two New types of Ads these are InArticle and In-feed Native Ads. These are introduced to boost earning of Adsense Publisher. in the Blogger blog feed, the In-feed native ads will be visible. An In-Article ad can be displayed in the middle of the post. you’ll find out how you’ll set-up in-article ads in every Blogger post.

What Does “Feed” Refers To In In-feed Ads?

Most publishers are confused with the word “Feed” in this newly introduced native In-Feed ads. It surely doesn’t ask an online syndication feed such as RSS Feeds or JSON Feeds.

Blog feed

Feed simply refers to the stream of content on your site that a user can scroll through. A blog feed is the list of items or blog posts which repeats itself one after another on homepage or category page.

The news feed on your Facebook account shows you the list of latest updates from your friends and family. Similarly the blog feed inside a blog shows the latest blog posts published on a specific category.

What are the Advantages of Using In-feed ads?

The major advantages of using In-feed ads are the following:

Monetize new ad spaces: you’ll now show user friendly ads inside your blog feed on homepage and category pages. In-feed ads between your blog posts on index pages can surely drive you more clicks and ad impressions.
Offers better user experience: they appear just like your content and blend perfectly to your layout design, thus engaging your visitors more without destroying the design and feel of your site.
Increases mobile ad revenue: due to their fluid layout, in-feed ads fit perfectly in small screen sizes thus bringing you more ad clicks on new ad spaces. Since they blend to your layout better compared to other ad units, In-feed ads could bless you with high CTR in mobile screens.

How To Create a Native In-feed Ad Unit in AdSense?

To start showing In-feed Ad units inside blogspot feed, you will first need to create this new ad unit inside your AdSense account.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
2. Click My ads.
3. Click +New ad unit.
4. Select In-feed ads. create in-feed ad unit in adsense
5. Select a layout (out of the four available) that best matches your blog’s feed layout.
6. Give your In-feed ad unit a name so that you could track its performance later using this name/ID.
7. Customize your In-feed Ad unit by changing the settings for font, border color, background color, Image alignment, headline position, description style, URL, button etc. Full details on this page.

global option

8. Save and get code!

Now proceed to your blogger dashboard and follow the instructions discussed below.

How To Add In-Feed Ad units Between Blogger Posts?

You can easily paste the In-feed ad code in a blogger theme to show native ads between any two blog posts.

Feed inside blogspot blogs is shown only on index pages, which includes all your archive pages, category/label pages and the homepage.

To start showing In-feed Ads on a blogspot blog, follow these easy steps:

Go To Blogger > Theme > Backup your Theme
Click Edit HTML
Search inside the editor (press Ctrl + F) the following code:

Blog 1

Collapse the tag
Scroll down to this code
Replace it with this code :

Blog 2

Replace “PASTE ADSENSE CODE HERE” with your In-Feed Ad unit code provided by AdSense.
Save your theme and you are all done!

The above code will now start showing a single In-feed ad on your homepage and two In-feed ad units on your label pages and archive pages.

count==1 : The first ad will be displayed right after the first blog post on your blog feed.

count==2 : The second ad will inserted right after the second blog post container.

Customize In-Feed Ad Units in Blogspot

By default the native In-feed ad unit will show once on the homepage and twice on the label/category pages. If you want to change the number of times, In-feed ad is shown on your blogspot blog than kindly follow these easy tips:

a. To show In-feed ad after your desired post in blogspot feed, simply change the integer value in count==x.

b. For example if you wish to show adsense ad right after the second and third blog post. Then simply replace count==1 with count==2 and count==2 with count==3.

How To Track the performance of In-feed ad units in AdSense?

You can easily keep an eye on how your In-feed ad units are performing by viewing your Ad units report:

In feed Ad unit
  1. Sign in to your AdSense Account
  2. Visit Performance reports page.
  3. Click the Common Reports > Ad units .
  4. Select your In-feed ad units.
  5. See the ad impressions and clicks it has made you over last 7 days.

Start Showing In-feed Ads Between Blogger Posts!

If you need any further help on how to add these native In-feed ads between posts in blogspot blogs then feel free to leave your queries in the comment box below.

In my next tutorial I will guide you, how to setup In-Article ad units in blogger and how to put these AdSense ads in the middle of blogger posts.

If in case you have missed our tutorial on how to add matched content units in Blogger then do give it a read out!

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