How Does Ad Sizes Affect On AdSense Earnings

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An ad unit is one or more Google ads displayed as a result of one piece of the AdSense ad code. You can create, customize and manage ad units on the Ads page in your AdSense account. Ad units give you control over where ads appear, and our native ad units offer lots of flexibility in terms of customization.

Does Google Ads Size Really Matter?

When you’re browsing the method of putting up a banner ad on the Display Network, one among the various considerations that you’ll got to address is that the size of the image you employ .

While it might be nice if you’ll just design an ad and leave it at that, advertising is never so simple.

On the Display Network, the websites that publish your ads ultimately have control over which size ad gets featured. So if they need banner images on the edges , top, or bottom of their site, then you wouldn’t want to undertake to publish everything as a half-page ad.

Choosing the incorrect size will effectively limit what proportion reach your campaigns have. And if you’re trying to focus on a selected niche, this might make your ads ineffective altogether.


That means in most cases, ads that are the 300×250 sizes will get the foremost clicks on any given day.

From a fast glance, that might make them appear to be the simplest options if you would like to urge your ad on as many sites as possible.

While which will be partially true, it only partially shows you why size matters.

Understanding which ad sizes get the foremost click-thrus is vital because banner ads don’t always get great CTRs. They’ve been decreasing over the past few quarters.


To add to the frustration, ad blocker services like Adblock Plus, Brave Browser, Opera VPN, and NordVPN will all make your banner-sized images even less effective.

While they’re not perfect, they will severely hurt you if you simply use the common 300×250 and 728×90 sizes.

The key takeaway is that one or two Google ads sizes aren’t getting to get you everything you would like .

Some sites want smaller images, and others want larger. Some services are getting to block your banner-sized ads but will miss larger or smaller variations.

The only solution is to organize and optimize the maximum amount as possible.

But there’s one other consideration with ad sizes that you simply got to realize , and it’s to try to to with mobile devices.

More and more sites are utilizing mobile Display Network ads, and consumers are beginning to concentrate to them.

More consumers using mobile devices (55.4%) had a billboard fully on their screen compared to those on desktops (53.8%).

This allows your ad to require up a reasonably sought-after piece of land as your target customer browses on their mobile devices.

That means you would like to stay mobile in mind as you create your images and choose what size to use.

As of immediately , the foremost popular desktop display ad sizes vary in shape and dimension:

ad dimentions

So all things considered, there are plenty of variables at play when choosing an ad size.

At the very least we will conclusively say that the dimensions you are doing choose are going to be important.

It can affect where you place your ad, how often users view it, and even whether or not it’ll show on the Mobile Display Network.

New Google Ads Sizes and Formats

Feel like your ads have gotten stale? You’re not alone.

It sometimes isn’t enough to only change your creative. you would possibly got to change your strategy or maybe run new ads in several locations.

Thankfully, Google frequently updates their ad inventory as technology continues to evolve annually . The updates are usually a results of changing consumer preference and behavior also as updates to web structure and layouts.

This provides marketers with a couple of latest opportunities, ad formats and sizes to figure with to make sure their campaigns are catching consumers’ eyes and interesting them in meaningful ways.

However, it is also essential to understand when these updates are pushed live.

Marketers got to stay up-to-date on the newest Google ad sizes to make sure their creative fully fits the frame and isn’t stop.

What are the top-earning banner ad sizes?

  • 336 x 280 large rectangle
  • 300 x 250 medium rectangle
  • 728 x 90 leaderboard
  • 970 x 250
  • 468 x 90
  • 300 x 600 half-page
  • …and on mobile the 320 x 100 large mobile banner (not pictured here).
  • You can review the entire AdSense guide to ad sizes here.

There are certainly more. In fact, we’ve found an immediate correlation between the amount of ad sizes and placements tested, and therefore the total amount of revenue earned by AdSense website publishers.

How testing ad sizes affect AdSense Earnings

AdSense users can give more flexibility to ad units, allowing different sizes to seem in one location. the simplest strategy is to permit multiple ad sizes for your ad units.

How does one do this? you’ll want to think about doing Split Testing or A/B Testing together with your ad units. this may offer you a thought of how one ad size performs compared with another.

While measuring how different sizes perform on your site might be the key to unlock the site’s true revenue potential – manual tests are difficult and take tons of effort. Furthermore, the revenue from your site will often vary greatly by time of year, time of

Furthermore, the revenue from your site will often vary greatly by time of year, time of week, time of day — also as traffic source and geographics — to effectively compare different ad combinations, you would like to use split testing and/or account for outside variables. Hence; continuous, multivariate testing is that the way best thanks to accomplish this.

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