Highest-Performing Google AdSense Banner Sizes And Formats for Website

On This Page,You can easily know about Highest-Performing Google AdSense Banner Sizes And Formats for Website.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

How to Properly Setup Google AdSense Ads in WordPress?

Before getting started, you’ll got to check in for a Google AdSense account. Once you’ve got signed up, see our guide the way to properly add Google AdSense in WordPress.

By default, you’ll easily place AdSense ads in your website’s sidebar. Some WordPress themes can also have dedicated areas to display ads.

However, the simplest thanks to manage your Google AdSense ads in WordPress is by using an ad management plugin. We recommend using AdSanity, it’s super easy to use and allows you to simply insert ads into sidebars, post content, and anywhere else you would like .

Why Some Google AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats Work Better?

Google AdSense comes with several banner sizes and ad formats that you simply can add on your website. However, not all of them produce an equivalent level of results.

Ads that are closer to the content and simply visible upon page load will get you a better CTR (click through rate). you would like to form sure that you simply choose the ad size that’s easily noticeable. a number of the Google AdSense ad sizes are too small and a few might be overlarge to affect user experience.

Next, factor that affects ad performance on your website is what percentage advertisers are running ads for that format. Some ad formats and banners are more popular among advertisers which suggests using them gets you a bigger inventory and better paying ads.

Lastly, some ad formats are optimized for mobile devices. If mobile users make the foremost of your traffic, then these ads are getting to perform better on your website than other sizes.

Do Google Adsense Banner sizes really matter?

Whenever you’re getting to put a Google Adsense banner ad on a special website or network. the foremost important factor you’ll got to address is that the size of the banner.

Designing an add may be a very easy task but the trickiest task is to settle on the simplest size and network for advertising.

Suppose if you’re advertising your Google Adsense banner to another websites or network then the Websites that publicize your banner onto their size have all the control over which the banner gets to advertise on their website. So you don’t have any right if they need to advertise your banner as a half-page ad.

Meanwhile, if you actually want to run your campaign successfully then it’s vital to settle on the proper banner size. this may also help to focus on a selected niche and make your ads simpler together.

Top Performing Google AdSense Banner Sizes and Formats

Most website owners try different banner sizes to work out which formats work best for his or her websites. Google AdSense engineers also continuously run their own tests to ascertain how ads are working on participating websites.

We have done several testing with Google AdSense over the years on our own websites. Below are the highest performing Google AdSense banner sizes and ad formats that provide the simplest value for your advertising land.

1. The Medium Rectangle (300×250)

300 250

This ad format supports both display / text ads, and it also can be used on mobile layouts. the simplest part about this ad size is that it’s easy to suit within the sidebar or inside the content area without annoying users.

That’s why this ad format gets a bigger ad inventory which suggests more and better paying ads for your site. Since it’s perfectly-sized for in-content ads, it’s also reported to possess the simplest CTR for many websites.

2. Large Rectangle (336×280)

336  280

Large rectangle takes the second position on our list. it’s larger and more noticeable than the medium rectangle ad above, but it’s going to not slot in all website sidebars and isn’t mobile optimized.

If your website’s sidebar or content area may be a bit narrow, then the ad could squeeze the content which isn’t good for user experience.

That being said, the massive rectangle could easily outperform medium rectangle on your website if placed inside the content area in between paragraphs. It supports both image and text ads.

Due to its size and ideal placement next to content, this ad size gets a far better ad inventory also .

3. The Leaderboard (728×90)

728  90

Leaderboard banner is ideal for the advertisements which you would like to put on the header (or slightly below the header) of your WordPress website. Leaderboard banner supports text and media formats of ads but isn’t mobile optimized (you should use another advertisement format for the mobile version of the website).

Leaderboard banner gets tons of attention from users due to its position. On the opposite hand, it are often very annoying for your website users, if you employ media ads which distract from the most website`s content. This format needs constant attention from the side of WordPress admin. If the performance or CTR begin to lower significantly, it might be the secure sign to vary to a different ad format.

4. Large Skyscraper (300×600)

300  600

Also referred to as page , this full-sized vertical banner can attract significant attention from advertisers especially those that are trying to find more ad space that they will use to transit their message when retargeting.

The popularity of this ad banner among publishers has been growing in recent years since it gives brands more exposure. Therefore, Large Skyscraper attracts best-paying ads. The banner are often placed on the sidebar or alongside the content. However, it’s going to not work for all websites thanks to its size.

5. Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

If you’re checking out mobile ad formats, look no further than Large Mobile Banner. it’s a striking resemblance to The Leaderboard ad format especially when it involves ad effectiveness. Large Mobile Banner is best with mobile devices. It works best if you place it before or simply below your website’s header.

Most Internet users access websites via mobile devices. Therefore, this ad format guarantees a far better ad inventory. It can get incorporated into your site as a non-intrusive ad or as an alternate to The Medium Triangle ad format.

6. Mobile Leaderboard (320×50)

320  50

Mobile leaderboard is half tall compared to the massive mobile banner ad format. it’s slightly less effective but also less intrusive and offers even better ad experience on smaller mobile devices.

Mobile ads are popular among advertisers which suggests it gets a large ad inventory. With proper placement, it can work rather well together with your mobile traffic.

7. Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

The wide skyscraper may be a vertical banner ad that’s designed specifically for narrow sidebars. It supports both image and text ad formats and is popular among advertisers.

It is a less intrusive ad option and may easily blend in together with your website design. However, it’s less effective than wider page banner ads which tends to draw more user attention towards ad.

8. Portrait (300×1050)

Portrait may be a slightly wider and longer vertical banner. thanks to its size, this ad format attracts brand-centric advertisers who want more ad space for his or her message.

It is ideally placed next to the content or within the sidebar where it’s more noticeable as your users scan the contents of your page. The tricky part is to implement it without affecting user experience on your website.

9. The Billboard (970×250)

970  250

The billboard is another brand-centric ad format. it’s a good horizontal banner ad which will be ideally placed on top or bottom of your pages. It tends to urge better ads thanks to the space it offers to the advertisers, but it’s a smaller ad inventory.

Depending on the content and keywords of your website, it might be successful or a miss if it fails to draw in enough ads for your website.

10. The Square (250×250)

Generally larger ads are considered more noticeable. However, not all websites are designed within the same fashion. If you’re employing a minimalist WordPress theme, then this small square ad format could beautifully slot in your layout and still be noticeable.

The downside is that it’s a smaller ad inventory which could result into low paying ads. However, if your website is during a competitive industry, then it can work rather well without affecting user experience.

Examples of Unique Regional Ad Banners

It is also worth mentioning that Google AdSense provides the support of some unique sizes and formats for distinct countries. The prominent examples are:

  • Vertical rectangle (240×400) for Russian segment.
  • Panorama (980×120) for Sweden and Norway.
  • Triple Widescreen (250×360) also for Sweden.
  • Top Banner (930×180) for Denmark.
  • Netboard (580×400) for Norway.
  • Exclusive Triple Billboard (750×300), Double Billboard (750×200) and Billboard (750×100) for Poland.

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