Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Boost Your Online Website Revenue

On This Page,You can easily know about Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Boost Your Online Website Revenue.

Google Adsense is a program is run by Google. The program allows the publishers around the Google network of content sites to offer automatic text, video, images, advertisements to name a few. All of this is directly targetted towards the site content and the audience.

Why Do People look for Google AdSense Alternatives?

So the big question is why should one switch to other ad networks even though Google is the current market leader in ad monetization? And also for many years, it has been the top way to earn money from the website for the bloggers.

But one should also know that a good ad campaign with quality content could easily run itself no matter whether it has Google Adsense to run its ad or not. And just because it is ruling the online advertising network doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the only choice available to the users.

With the rise in big popularity, comes some big issues as well. And even though Google is probably the best platform to perform any action still this might not be the best-experienced solution for all of them.

You see there are a variety of reasons for which Google rejects the site application even if it fulfills the requirements of lax traffic. Many people might also want to diversify their income streams even after using Google AdSense.

Some people might as well want to turn to other ad platforms simply because they want to see whether they can earn more money with other displaying advertising network or not. Also in some cases, a user wants to switch to one of its alternatives purely because getting approved for AdSense has become a lot difficult nowadays due to not having advertise-friendly content. This sometimes encourages users to try other online advertising networks as well.

Top Alternatives to Google AdSense

So all in all, even though Google Adsense has a lot of goods to offer but for some people, these setbacks are quite big for them to ignore which is why most of them want to look for its alternatives. And so here is the list of:

1. Ad Exchange (AdX)

Google’s Ad Exchange gives publishers access to advanced monetization tools like header bidding that can increase revenue (check out our what is header bidding guide for more). It’s used by many of the largest websites in the world including and Ad Exchange provides a great deal more control to publishers over their inventory in terms of pricing, inventory segmentation, and programmatic opportunities.

However, to access Ad Exchange you need to be classified as a preferred publisher with at least 5 million monthly pageviews. If you don’t meet this requirement, or you don’t want the trouble of setting up an account, you can access Ad Exchange through an advertising technology partner and header bidding company like Snigel. If you meet Snigel’s requirements, which are lower than Google’s, we will provide you with access to Ad Exchange and other advertising networks through our account. Contact us here to find out more.

2. Propeller ads

propeller ads alternatives

This platform right here provides a number of ways to monetize your website and blog. It has more than 150K listed publishers who are using their service. The best part being, you can choose any type of ad you want. And also the ad acceptance rate is also pretty good and uncomplicated.

If you want you can also monetize the mobile sites and apps with it. Moreover, this solution works much better specifically well with pop-under ads. In order to accept ads, it also has the prioritizing website’s option based on digital media & technology. Since it offers a 24/7 ad moderation option, therefore it restricts spammy and annoying ads. This also makes sure you get only virus-free, appropriate, and relevant ads.

3. Revcontent

Revcontent alternatives

Revcontent seems to be quite different from other conventional ad network platforms. It features surprisingly a true screening process and relies on a custom widget to deliver its ads. These widgets are quite similar to the related posts section except in this case they include approved campaigns for your website.

This unique approach results in an ad experience that is less intrusive than usual as long as you don’t pick campaigns at randoms. As per many opinions, the Revcontent widget system is as close to unobtrusive as ads can get. And this makes it a good option for publishers who are concerned that placing ads on-base sites might negatively impact user-experience.

4. Amazon Native Ads

amazon alternatives

Many might feel surprised to see this advertisement network in the list of Google AdSense alternatives but to be very honest in the recent past they have become one of the popular names native ads publishing department. Even though it is mostly known to do advertising but the company also has a lot to offer for its publishers. On the blog it allows you to implement display & native ads.

Right now the platform is being widely used from the users of US & Europe based users. Once you publish the ad, its ads network is able to connect a direct link and show particular products to some trusted e-commerce store. With so many people visiting the e-commerce store every day, Amazon’s native ads provide direct access to the millions of products of other e-commerce giants worldwide.

5. alternatives

This is the home of Yahoo, Bings ads network. This platform enables its publishers to pull campaigns from both search giants. In practice, this is very picky when it comes to its publishers which include famous names such as cosmopolitan and Forbes. Yes, you guessed it right, they are behind the notoriously annoying Forbes interstitial.

Also, if you are the owner of an established site that resides with lots of visitors from the US, UK, or Canada then will be your go-to choice. The ad platform also favors sites that are regularly updated with original content. And since is a contextual ad network, the displayed advertisements on the blog or website are always known to be more relevant than ever.

6. InfoLinks


It claims to be one of the top runners in the in-text advertising platforms. With users across 128 countries, it is also the third-largest publishing agent in the world. When it comes to displaying ads it automatically indexes your website and looks for relevant keywords. Along with its in-text ads, the advertising agency also provides expendables ads and displays that can go in your relevant content.

Even without having to overhaul the look and style, it enables you to monetize your website. Its ads customization options blend perfectly with the provided content that improve viewer engagement to a great deal. It also has, InFold, InText, InArticle, InScreen, InFrame, InTag ad types to choose from. It follows an intelligent algorithm when it comes to displaying all these different types of ads. Moreover, the InfoLinks integration process is really simple. You get to add to your website’s HTML after receiving a unique script once you are approved for add publishing. You will be all set to make money right at that moment once you paste that script anywhere on your website.

7. Skimlinks

Skimlinks works best as the alternative to Sovrn (that will be discussed next) as it works in a similar manner. It is the kind of network that focuses majorly on affiliate marketing. It converts any outbound link into an affiliate link, so whenever any sale occurs you start earning money through it.

So once you install the javascript code on your site, it automatically converts the existing link into affiliate links that enable you to earn revenue. So it is quite possible for you to make ten times your current earnings as it even pays for affiliate sales not for clicks.

Its network has access to over 48k e-commerce affiliate traders to mention in them and has a partnership with more 50 ad publishing agents. It also has over 60K listed publishers. The important part is you don’t really require to deal with a chunk of separate programs as it’s network already has so many affiliate merchants.

Though its fees might just be on the higher side but still considering the benefits it provides by proving the chance to earn commission still make it one of the people’s favorite AdSense alternatives.

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